Mini series: A day to look fabulous

I call this weekend to be the time for you to look cosy but still amazing. The simplest outfit can be lifted with some other interesting pieces.
Simple grey baggy sweater combined with loose, light blue jeans will definitely make you feel super comfortable. Jeans are also ripped which makes them look a bit more high-end and are not too tight to cut off you circulation. In case it is cold outside you can always wear skin coloured leggings underneath to keep you warm.

To make this look a bit more interesting, add a cute beanie, preferably the one that half hangs off your head and has a huge pom pom ~ personal favourite. Also match a plaid button up shirt and tie it around your waist to give you more of that street look. And to finish it off wear your favourite shoes that don't have to be the same colour as the rest of the outfit. You can keep them a basic black colour. Shoes are what determines how you feel after a long day of walking. Choose wise!

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