My facial skin care update

Skin care is very important to me. It is one of the things I feel I know quite a lot about. I am always researching what is good for the skin, what I should not be doing or how to improve some imperfections. And I have always concentrated more on improving my flaws rather than hiding them with makeup. So if you wish to know what products I use, stick around because you are about to find out.

Before you begin treating your skin, it would be good to know the type you have. I, personally, self diagnosed myself with a dry skin judging by the fact that every time I wash my face it feels extremely tight as if I have a peel-off mask on my face and I have to put on a moisturiser. If you have oily skin, you will notice an excessive amount of oil in your T-zone that will also be quite shiny most of the time. Mixed type ~ well, bless you, you will not have these problems.

Afrodita Clean Phase Cleansing Gel
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Products that I currently use are actually mostly random ones I found or took from my mom. But hey, they seem to work. On a good morning I like to give my face a good cleanse. After I wash my face with a warm water, I apply, on still wet skin, a CLEAN PHASE cleansing gel by AFRODITA COSMETICS to get rid of any dirt. Just for an extra clean skin I use GARNIER Micellar Cleansing Water that I leave on. I also found the GARNIER Ultra Lift cream that comes in a tub for the skin under your eyes that should reduce wrinkles ~ we will see about that! Finally, because my skin is dry I often use Melem, which I know is very healthy for skin, and I apply it all over my face. I can say from experience that it's benefits are astonishing.

Garnier Ultra Lift eye cream
Recently, I faced quite a bad breakout which is unusual for me since I never (other than that one time) had more than a couple of pimples on my face. It was most of the time pretty clean and acne free and now I do not have any scars or dips left. Hashtag panic when strange things start to show up! My guess is that the pimples were showing up because of the hormonal imbalance, though I can not be sure because I am not about to have my blood checked just for acne. No thanks. However, I noticed that often the black spots around my nose get inflamed and create really painful pimples. So to keep that under control I use a paste made with lemon juice and baking soda and so far it seems to somewhat clean out my black spots.

Ingredients for black heads paste
Of course, dealing with acne is stressful and it is understandable that you will not feel the best about yourself. As with anything, it is a case of trial and error and you have to find out what works best for you. Some products with great reviews may do absolutely nothing to improve your skin and some you find accidentally may work wonders. Basically, be sure of what you are looking for, whether it is a moisturiser or an exfoliator or something to reduce an excess oil. 


10 Clothing Items I Regret Spending Money On

It happens to me over and over again that I buy a certain piece of clothing when I like it on the spot. It, more so, happens when I think it will add up perfectly with the renewed wardrobe that I  am trying to build up. I usually buy things with what I already own in mind, to create a well put together, cohesive clothing collection. However, the truth is that half of it never ends up being worn because once I come home I realise I made a mistake. Can you relate?

I went trough my pile of clothes I have not worn in ages and these are the top 10 I regret buying:

Graphic design grey hoodie 
Red plaid autumn jacket 
Purple polka dots shirt
I have never worn this shirt even though it is very nice and light for warm weather. You can not see but there is a string to tighten it around the waist. Unfortunately, what that does to me is makes my boobs look too big and gives me a weird belly and I already have enough of both xP. A fun fact is that my mother made it for me but boy did we make a mistake.

Purple graphic design t-shirt with a hood
Olive green thigh long half sleeve shirt
Knitted turtle neck short sleeve crop top
I admit, this was bought just when crop tops were starting to be a thing thinking 'what a good purchase'. Yeah…not really! What I forgot to think about is the fact that it probably will not look good on me since I still struggle with weight. And I do not really wear high waisted anything. It was never worn and it is time for it to go!

Black graphic design bat sleeve shirt
Purple long sleeve blouse
Thigh length graphic design tank top with a belt
Grey short sleeve puffy dress 
Obviously, some of these items are untouched and even though they are very pretty, I do not feel comfortable wearing them. Do you ever go trough your closet and eliminate the things you do not even wear or is it just me? Maybe I'm just a bad shopper...
P.S. I apologise for the low quality photos. The lightning was so off.

DISCLAIMER: All the listed items will be up for grabs as soon as I figure out how all the online payment works! If interested, you can always message me. ;)