Love the Rustic

Merry late Christmas everybody! How are your holidays? Mine consist of sleeping, watching Christmas movies, pigging out, baking cookies and repeating those again.

This Christmas I've been loving the idea of bringing a rustic vibe inside the house. It's easy to even make some decorations at home if you go out and find some good branches and bark. Just add some colorful details as well. If you use real Christmas tree, then you already are familiar with the scent left in the room, adding to the overall atmosphere. Christmas tree is the most grateful object to work with since you have so many possible ways of going about it.

You may know that, as of this October, I live on my own. However, I‘m only renting the apartment so I don‘t really have a say in how it should look ~ what a shame. Also, I find it a bit dumb to buy stuff for it when I know that next year I‘ll be moving again. What I do know is that in the future I will be looking for a studio apartment with brick walls indoors and large windows ~ like the picture above. It will have to have a cosy vibe and wooden details which I think work well to create the rustic look. Large old fashioned kitchen, big fluffy bed with lots of pillows and a fireplace would be a bonus.

Interiors styled like this always leave me stunned. When watching those house buying shows where people look for old houses, I not so rarely feel jealous. I would so love to get the opportunity to decorate one of those!
What are your thoughts about old fashioned homes? Do you enjoy decorating and what is your personal style?

Enjoy your day!


Glasses = Fashion Statement

Just a year ago I joined the Glasses Club. You know, the modern age... a lot of reading off the computer screen and I can't see far anymore. I never had a bad opinion on dioptric glasses, rather thought of them as an accessory. There are so many choices, so many styles so just find the one you like and own them.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people sporting ‘the nerd look‘. I support it, I like it. In fact I, myself, own such nerd glasses. Hipster, actually. I have to say, one of the big advantages of these type of glasses is their size. Say you are driving, these are much more convenient than the small ones you look over because of their small size.

The popular/trendy glasses. I'm talking about those really big ones that cover half of your face. In my opinion I have a smaller head so big glasses are a no go for me ~ don't feel like walking around the town looking like a fly. I admit, some girls can rock them but sometimes big can be too big.

Glasses as an accessory to add the mystery. If you're going for this look, glasses are the one accessory to help you with that. They say eyes are like doors to your soul and if you keep them hidden, people will have harder time trying to read you.

See glasses aren‘t used just to improve our eye sight or just to protect our eyes from the sun. They earned a big part in fashion also as an accessory. Think about how long does it take for you to choose from all those racks filled with glasses. It‘s easier to decide what to have for lunch! After all we try to match our accessories with our personalities.

Thank you for reading! Exuse the bad quality but these are the glasses I love and feel great wearing ~ plus they let me see better.
Enjoy your lovely day!


Love The Vintage

Hello people! I got this idea from my recent obsessions post. There is another one, and this time I'm obsessing over vintage! I used to be so against buying something already used. I don‘t know why, I just never liked the idea of having someone‘s 'leftovers'. Now that I think about it, the negativity towards used items was probably a result of me always getting everything my sister grew out of. It was very frustrating for me to see my sister get the privilege of going to the store and choose the things she likes, whether it was a piece of clothing or a bike. I wanted that choice also.

As I am maturing and getting to know myself I am more and more ok with exploring and purchasing a vintage item. There are definitely some pros to vintage. An example ~ it is a known fact that before, clothes would fit you better than nowadays. Perhaps the companies want us to idolise a certain body type, perhaps they don't realise what a waist to hips ratio or a butt is. Also, the chances of someone owning the same item as you are so slim you will have the opportunity to smugly say "they don't make these anymore" when you get asked where you got it from. Not to mention the cheap price...

I, myself, have been able to get my hands on a few pieces that are now some of the favourite items I own. Style is that thing that can always be worked on and improved and some things never go out of fashion so you might as well get some for your closet.

I don't own any of these photos, all the credit goes to the rightful owners.


Fascinating places to see | Must visit

Hi to you, lovely readers! I found this article titled ‘Most Beautiful Deserted Places On Earth‘. I love traveling, I love deserted places transformed by nature and you bet I spent around an hour just oogling at those breathtaking photos! I‘ve never heard of these places so I had to Google each of them and find more interesting facts. These are the ones that impressed me the most.

This is a city called Kolmanskop. Placed in the Namib desert in southern Namibia it is also know as a ‘ghost town‘ ~ spooky. It developed as a mining village because the area was rich with diamonds. Can you imagine going for a visit and you stumbe upon one? What impressed me the most is the architecture that was inspired by German towns. I don‘t now why, but it amazes me to know that somebody actually lived there and has spent their time making all of this. And now it‘s abandoned and in the hands of nature.

Christ of the Abyss is breathtakingly beautiful. It is a submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christlocated in the Mediterranean Sea off San Fruttuoso between Camogli and Portofino on the Italian Riviera. Places like this are getting more and more popular each day, so much there are now underwater museums!

 A sunken yacht in Antarctica ~ just wow!

"At over 200km, the Kerry Way is one of Ireland's longest signposted walking trail and also one of the most popular. The trail starts and finishes in the busy tourist destination of Killarney. Looping around the Iveragh Peninsula, the Kerry Way goes anti-clockwise, passing through some of the most isolated and dramatic countryside in the country."~ And it actually takes around 9 days to cover the whole path!! Seems to me like a good place to clear your mind.

The sugar at the end is The Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine! A three km railway section leads to a fiberboard factory. Be careful though, because the train does actually go there three times a day. Don't you wish to be there each season and throughout the whole day? Imagine how many incredible photos you could get there!

Have you ever visited any of these places? They sure are beautiful! Meanwhile writing this thinking how broke I am ~ oops.
Thank you! Enjoy your lovely day!


October‘s Haul

Hello to everyone reading! Recently I have seen a lot of people writing haul posts or doing haul videos. So for this blogpost, I decided to show you a few things that I got last month.

The first item is a quite playful bag and I can say it does reflect my personality so of course I fell in love with it the first time I saw it ~ meaning over Skype because my dearest mother bought it for me on the local market for around 6 EUR.

These boots are officially my favourite, I wanted them for so long now. Interesting fact ~ I got them half an hour before I had to get on a train back to Ljubljana. Thankfully it was a quick buy. The store is called Planet obuca ~ sorry, it is a Croatian store and I apologise but I have no idea how much were they.

What would a haul be without some decorative products? The colours of these nail polishes are 153 Sweet or nude and 144 Black is back by Essence. They were also very cheap, around 8 EUR for both and I got them in the store called Müller.

The long stuffed dog is what my mum bought me in a local supermarket for around 6 EUR. It is the one you place under your window so the cold air doesn't come through, but instead I keep it on my bed so I can cuddle with it ~ it is very soft.

The last thing I randomly got is this weird slushy bottle. How I got this was, I was at the movies with my friends and I discovered that they sell slushies. Since I always wanted to try one, I was thrilled when I found out just how cheap they are ~ around 2 EUR. I got the blue one because it is my favourite colour. I very much felt like a child on a Christmas morning getting their first bike when it was served to me in this bottle I got to keep.

The end.