Mini series: Hairy situations

Very recently I started using home made hair masks. Untill now I honestly could not care about all the other products except for the shampoo. However, since I started using a conditioner I started also liking the idea of getting my hair in better shape much more. I would not say it is damaged by any other cause other than me not really paying any attention to it. So now it is hair time!

The mask I last used was a protein mask. I mixed one whole egg, two spoons of yogurt, two spoons of honey and one spoon of oil. You can use any oil you like, I recommend using coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil sesame or almond oil. The point behind egg and yogurt is that they are rich with proteins which are always good. You can use only one or the other, because it is a lot of protein. You may know that honey is a great face mask and it is also great for your hair. It has an antibacterial effect great for if you have any problems with your scalp or infections.

Afterwards, wash your hair using your regular shampoo and conditioner and try to leave it to air dry. When it is mostly dry comb it with a wide-tooth comb to get those knots out.

Mini series: Introducing me

Last round of fun facts:

1. I am the worst person to be getting a massage,it tickles the heck out of me.

2. In the somewhat near future I want to invest in a smaller castle.

3. I never liked the nannies at my kindergarten. Once they left me strapped in a swing while they went to do something inside so the kids pushed the swing so high I started crying and my sister had to make them stop and help me off. I was then so dizzy she had to drag me to sit down and calm me down. She used to love me then.

4. I used to hate eating spinach until one day I ate the whole bowl of it.

5. I have never in my live been to the zoo or went ice skating.

6. I used to be able to put both my legs behind my head. My dad called me a gummy child.

7. I love Shakespeare because I was born on Midsummer Night. I have never seen a firefox though.

8. Every plant I have ever owned died, yes even my cactus.

9. When I was a baby, my sister never let me sleep. She always had to touch me or stare at me. Quite a creeper that one was.

10. I do not really like people kissing my cheeks especially because they get surprised how they are so soft. They are chubby, it's embarrassing, leave me alone…please.

Mini series: Thanks for the tip

If your nails are the annoying yellow colour there is a solution for it. Again, being a lover of natural, home made remedies, I introduce you to the lemon juice miracle worker!

If you want to get your nails to be that pearly white colour and make everyone else envy you then keep reading. Take one lemon and squeeze it's juice into a more wide and shallow container. Then, stick your fingers inside the lemon juice and keep it that way for about five minutes. I do not guarantee your nails will be white after the first time since I did not try this myself yet. Make sure you have enough juice to cover your nails and please do NOT try this if you have any wounds on your fingers!

P.S. "Smell nice"bonus tip: If you are out of your favourite fragrance take an orange peel and spray some of it's fluid onto your neck. Impressive scent guarantied!


Mini series: A day to look fabulous

As per request, it is time to shine in a elegant attire.
Having problems with this kind of look myself, let me tell you now. If you are in your twenties it is okay to wear this type of outfit. I personally struggle with being and behaving more mature and looking older not because I do not wish to grow up, but because I do not feel like myself in, let's call it, 'grown up clothes.' I do sometimes wish to look elegant and sophisticated, yet young and interesting, and I think this outfit shows what I would end up with.

The jumpsuit is entirely black but it does show off a great hour glass figure.You can see that it is tightened around the waist and it has small ruffles which gives a sensation of it being more casual. Also, since we are young, it is completely fine to show of a bit of a cleavage. It adds a bit of a funk to it.

One thing you would want here is to have attention on your legs. This is a perfect opportunity to visually prolong them. You can do that by wearing similar colour shoes with the colour of your trousers. In this case they are black and have somewhat of a pointed toes ~ also to prolong the legs. A bit of a golden detail breaks the boring black theme that is too dark for us young ladies.

Accessorising is minimalistic. I find it enough to have a nice clutch, preferably a bit larger one that matches the shoes. It goes with the look and also is not entirely black but still not too distracting.

Mini series: Hairy situations

There are many stories on the Internet on how to repair damaged hair. Whether it was damaged with chemicals and heat or just by not giving it much of your attention, it is a fact you need to start somewhere to make a recovery.

I always thought I had an amazing hair. It was the only thing I was proud of since I have always been chubby. Now the tables have turned. I am proud of my body but my hair, it seems, has lost it's shine. It still is healthy but as it would grow I noticed that it's completely see trough which irritated me. That is when I decided that it's time to start my recovery. And the first step was to cut almost half of it an leave only the healthy part.

I can not express how important it is to continuously trim your hair. That way you ensure constant growth. With time you can get split ends. It may not bother you at first but what when they reach half of your hair? You will not be able to get rid of them only with a trim. Just like that, you have lost most of the hair.

Recently I did a blood test and the results came out perfect. My iron is really high as everything else so my only guess is that I did not take good care of it. It took me a long time to be ok with the idea of having short hair but this is only the beginning. I only hope with time and often trims it will get a bit thicker because I do want it longer.

Mini series: Introducing me

More fun facts about me:

1. I used to get car sick on any car ride longer than an hour.

2. I don't think I have spent more than ten hours in my life properly studying English.

3. I am scared of getting manipulated by a clinically diagnosed psychopath.

4. I can't look underwater anymore.

5. Once I spent my evening pleading my grandpa to give me some money to buy a guitar. He gave me euros so my dad said he will go convert it into kuna. I have never gotten my guitar. Apparently he has spent it on beer.

6. I have several weirdly placed birthmarks.

7. For the longest time no one knew what my horoscope sign is since I was born on the last day of Gemini and first day of Cancer.

8. I used to do my older sister's math homework about two years before I started school. I don't think my teacher liked that I knew everything already.

9. I cry when nurses stab me with a needle.

10. My balloon obsession caused me to slam my nose sideways on a wooden coffee table. There was a pool of blood.


Mini series: Thanks for the tip

If you are a lover of healthy living and exercising, like I am, than take a minute to read this.
Being a beginner,you are probably experiencing some bad case of sore muscles. I am very familiar with those since I do give up on working out easily and go long periods without doing a thing. But, that is where I go and say 'I just may make your life easier'.

Tip numero uno! Recently I came across an article on what else can vinegar be used for in your home other than a salad. You would be amazed just how useful that stinky thing is. But one thing that I found interesting is that it reduces soreness. While taking a nice relaxing bath, add a bit of a vinegar into the water. You should be able to exit that bathroom pain-free.

Tip numero dos! Another way to reduce sore muscles is to eat an orange. I did read over this very briefly so I might not be right. It sounds strange to me too. If you have an orange before you workout, supposedly it will help with the pain. But even if it doesn't, at least it will keep you hydrated. Remember, drink enough water so you don't pass out.

So do these work?


Mini series: A day to look fabulous

I call this weekend to be the time for you to look cosy but still amazing. The simplest outfit can be lifted with some other interesting pieces.
Simple grey baggy sweater combined with loose, light blue jeans will definitely make you feel super comfortable. Jeans are also ripped which makes them look a bit more high-end and are not too tight to cut off you circulation. In case it is cold outside you can always wear skin coloured leggings underneath to keep you warm.

To make this look a bit more interesting, add a cute beanie, preferably the one that half hangs off your head and has a huge pom pom ~ personal favourite. Also match a plaid button up shirt and tie it around your waist to give you more of that street look. And to finish it off wear your favourite shoes that don't have to be the same colour as the rest of the outfit. You can keep them a basic black colour. Shoes are what determines how you feel after a long day of walking. Choose wise!


Mini series: Hairy situations

If you want to have healthier hair you have to treat it right. Woman from the Philippines are known to have amazing, thick hair. A mane should we say.

One thing they use is Aloe Vera gel right out of the plant leaf. Aloe Vera is very beneficial for our bodies since it's rich with many vitamins and minerals. It is also capable to absorb into three layers of skin, nurturing it deeply.

Today I decided to try this out. Knowing about the benefits of Aloe Vera, I thought why not use the raw, unprocessed medicine straight out of it's resource. So I went and bought myself an Aloe Vera plant. Before washing my hair I rubbed the gel you find inside of the leaf onto my scalp and left it for about thirty minutes. I then washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner. It was really easy to wash the gel off. One thing I have to say is that I haven't had an itch the whole day, unlike the other times I washed my hair before.

You can also use the gel to combine it with some other hair masks you like. I definitely will watch over my Aloe Vera plant like a hawk making sure it doesn't die. Slowly there will be a lot more of them giving me a lifetime supply of it's gel.


Mini series: Introducing me

Hello there! Here are some more fun facts for you to get to know me better. Enjoy!

1. I have always been slightly obsessed with anything orange flavoured or scented. My dad has probably spent small fortune to feed me all the tangerines.

2. Growing up,my nose used to bleed ALL the time.

3. I will be finished with college before my older sister. And no, she didn't fail a year.

4. My great-grandma almost suffocated me at the moment she died…I was a baby.

5. I have been passing out since about the age of ten.

6. I do NOT like cooked vegetable.

7. Before I stopped writing songs,there was only one song I was actually proud of but it was for a friend and I regret not making a copy.

8. I was not able to say the letter 'r' when I was little in Croatian.

9. I have never liked playing with barbies all that much. I preferred baby dolls.

10. I'm currently in bed cuddling with one of my giant stuffed teddies. Wouldn't mind even bigger one.


Mini series: Thanks for the tip

With so many options out there, it's hard to find the best hair removal product. All of them have their benefits and flaws, so I guess it's best to go for the one that annoys you least.

Personally I alternate between shaving and using sugar paste also known as Egyptian hair removal. Why do I use it? One of the things I don't like about waxing is having to use strips. During the process of removing hairs my hands get so oily and sticky that it's hard to just work with it. Also, wax gets cold so after some time I have to waddle to the kitchen to heat it up again. With sugar paste you only work with a small caramel ball and are not required to touch anything else. What I love about it is that it does pull out the hair in the arm pit area,which I couldn't do with wax.

This paste is also nice because you can make it at home. You only need lemon, sugar, water and maybe honey. There are many recipes you can check out with different ratios of ingredients. I'd give you a recipe but I only managed to make it right once, the first time I did it, and after that I never made it right again. That's why I buy it in a store. It's by Cleopatra and it's pretty good.

However, there are some flaws to this. If you buy it in a store you will get it in container. And once you open it, especially if it's winter, you will notice that it is a heck of a workout to get it out. Another thing is that you can't use it during summer since the paste gets to sticky and melted and your hands get sweaty which results in paste not sticking to the skin. Unless you have a really cold indoor space then that's another story.

I am trying to find something better to use. I've been wanting to try out those strips that already have wax on or something similar, but I feel they are a bit pricey for the amount you get. So if you have any recommendation do notify me in a comments. I'm in need of a help!


Mini series: A day to look fabulous

Cold days are coming but is it a must to not wear anything short? I say not.
Personally, I love high waisted skirts such as this one and I believe I will soon purchase it also. Wearing leggings underneath or densely knitted tights should hopefully be a way to stop the frostbite. The dress shirt makes this outfit more sophisticated but still interesting enough with the bow for us young people not wanting to look boring. I went with mostly plain basic colours adding burgundy since it is Autumn and that one suits the weather perfectly. Plus, if you love wearing dark lipstick it will be a perfect match.
The coat is a light pastel colour and it's quite baggy so you can feel cosy and comfortable. What I like about it is that it reminds me of older times where women have worn clothes similar to men's. It may not be the first match to the colour of the skirt but I wanted the contrast that's not so typical. I also added flat black boots since I'm completely useless in heels, as I'm sure many of you are. These are also more comfortable if you're out all day walking.
There are not many accessories except for the scarf matching the skirt and being a fighter against the cold, and this bag that is coming back. I absolutely love this type of bag since the weight is spread on both of the shoulders so you shouldn't end up walking like one of your legs is shorter.

The complete outfit really reminds me of all the times you want to snuggle by the fireplace at night. It might not be the perfect idea to wear if it's really cold but it does look amazing. All these clothes I've found on Polyvore.com and are available to buy. Also they're not that expensive which is what we all look for.


Mini series: Hairy situations

I'd imagine there are plenty of you struggling with your hair. Welcome to the club! One of the main things I decided to do, after finishing my education, is to focus on this part of me I like to call a few pieces of feathers.

I don't particularly think there is a big problem there. It's more of a noticeable change over the past couple of years. It just feels like it's not where it could or should be, which I'm not even completely sure about. I do wish I had more hair follicles on my scalp, and I do think it was thicker when I was younger so I'm not sure if it's even a possibility to thicken it again. Most likely not. Most likely I'm forever stuck with a shoulder length haircut.

That is why I decided to concentrate on just getting it healthy, at least. Last night I used coconut milk oil mask that I myself extracted out of the coconut fruit. I applied it onto my scalp with dry hair, did a small scalp massage to get the circulation going and then also applied it on the rest of my hair. I left it on for the rest of the night using plastic bag that I wrapped around my head, or you can use a shower cap, and just in case I put clean towel over my pillow. If you worry about having oily hair afterwards, as the coconut fruit is quite oily, it is very easy to wash off with a shampoo and a conditioner. I used just random ones and I did shampoo my hair twice since I was told that conditioner does add up some oil that I didn't want to double up.

The results were quite nice! My hair was really soft afterwards and easy to comb trough. I also noticed that my scalp doesn't itch as it usually does after the washing, could be because coconut oil has the capability to get into the follicle and deeply nurture it.

I encourage you to try coconut hair masks if you are dealing with any scalp problem. Let me know your experience!


Mini series: Introducing me

1. I like being awake in the morning just when the sun is rising.

2. If during the day I get an episode of tiredness I will become still and shut up. Usually people think I'm sad.

3. I don't feel comfortable being touched so if I let you hug me for more than 5 sec it means I like you.

4. It should be easy to get me to do something for food.

5. My worst nightmare would be if someone would set me up with a guy. I don't like being pressured into a friendship and it takes me a long time to judge a person to see if I can let them into my bubble.

6. I'm fascinated with bubbles and balloons.

7. I have a fear of being judged as a young woman.

8. I despise making a phone call.It literally takes me half an hour to get the courage to call someone.

9. I very easily pick up someones bad energy.

10. I can be very blunt which usually causes awkward situations or it makes me sound rude.


Mini series: Thanks for the tip

The winter is just around the corner and already I feel that my hands are getting dry. Reminiscing to my previous experience this is the only product that was able to get rid of the redness and rough skin so I feel comfortable recommending it to everyone else who may not be aware of it.
It basically is some kind of fat, plant based I think. But if you have any kind of skin problem: acne, burns, scars ~ give melem a chance and see for yourself if it's worth it.

I know for some melem may be a bit expensive, however it does last quite long. Check their WEB SITE to see where about they deliver.

*This is not a sponsored post, it's a genuine recommendation of a product I like.


Here's a thought. I f****d up.

Have you ever had a feeling like you're standing in front of a freaking concrete wall and have no possible way of breaking trough it? Because that's how I feel right now. I found myself in such a difficult situation that I just see no way out of it. And it's literally tearing me up.

It is very difficult for me to write this right now, as my head is just all over the place and my body is constantly in a panic mode. Last year was the year I graduated high school. And that summer was about to determine my future as I was choosing what college should I go to. Being very artistic person I knew it has to be something with media involved. But also as a person that's against classical education I was seriously considering taking a gap year just to have time to see my possibilities and where I stand and what would be the best thing to do.

Well I didn't take a year off. Having people around me that are all about what is written on a piece of paper and nothing about winging it, it was impossible to have them understand what was going on in my head. I felt pressured to enrol somewhere by people I know, by society, by the fact that if you take a gap year you fall out of the system and it's harder to enrol later on...and I cracked under it. So here I am, compromising five year college with a sped up diploma course that I have close to zero chance of passing.

As I wrote before, I always wanted to do something media, TV, theatre, music related. And yes I still have big dreams of becoming an artist even though I'm a bit late. I never ever feel comfortable talking to others about my dreams as not a lot of people have the understanding about the entertainment industry. I realise that what you're called on a paper means nothing here. What matters is how much talent you have, the potential, the passion and hard work you put in getting better each day. If it was up to me I would have ditched the stereotypical way of growing up a long time ago. I'm no better now than how I was 5 years ago and that time could have been invested into learning maybe how to play an instrument or some other skill. But that's just the ideal situation.

The most important thing for me is to be happy. My whole life I've spent trying to grow up into a successful, young, independent woman. Having an older sister honestly determined the person I am now. Every bit of me is based off of her. She is probably the only thing I've spent my time observing every day, seven days a week and having her hit the puberty first helped me realise what I should and should not do. The only thing I hoped for, in the long run, was that I would make everyone around me proud of who I am and what I'm accomplishing. But I failed.

Yes, my goals are big. No they are not impossible to achieve. Just to make clear...I'm in no way saying I want to be an actress or a singer or something drastic like that. But yes I do want to travel the world. I do want to make an impact on other peoples lives. And I will never be able to do that if I agree on having an eight hour job in the same place for who knows how long. I am very much aware of others not being happy with my decisions and the way I think. I know that people badmouth me, I'm not dumb. But I'm so tired of making everyone around me happy and not taking care of my well being. I'm not happy. I'm miserable and conflicted between chasing the opportunities or chasing a tittle. If only I could break this wall on time so I'm able to connect myself with my life.


Vacationing in Pasman, Croatia

Greetings to you all! Hope you're all doing well. Sure there's no overheating..passing out..all that typical summer things. It has been quite hot to be honest so I'm really loving this rainy week of crazy storms and beautiful clouds. Feels like my brain is finally working again!

The vacation season is obviously in full swing. Some of you may or may not have been able to travel, or at least go to a pool. If not, I apologise for this torture post filled with nice-view pictures.

Luckily I got two weeks off from my studies. The heat is unbearable at this time of the year and I can't wait to get my diploma. I mean, who even is able to think during this heat?! The last two weeks have been busy, busy. I got an okay result on my exam, happily came back home, filled my tummy with a lot of home cooked food, went to see my friend ~ who I'm jealous off because she has an apartment approximately 70 m from the beach ~ in Pašman, Croatia where we had a week of blast. Sea, food, ice cream and crime shows! Can't ask for a better getaway.

I also came to realisation of the reason why I am so bored every summer. It's just that possibly every friend of mine has a house or an apartment in the walking distance to the beach while I'm stuck 150 km or something in the grey, asphalt covered town, alone and dyeing of boredom. And as an adult there is only so much time you can manage to be with your family. I love them to death, but sometimes it's just too much to take.

I am just happy there are some good souls ready to have me as their guest. I'm so so grateful to have them as my friends since friends and my name together in one sentence doesn't work ~ socially awkward human here what else to say. I loved every minute spent there mostly eating and avoiding having pictures of me taken. Sorry human friend! You were very nice to me and fed me good! =P


Struggles of wearing clothes in the summer

Hello everyone! As I'm all happy, nice smelling after shower now I thought what a nice opportunity to sit down and write a thing or two. I kind of want to talk about my fashion style. This has already been discussed but I did discover some new stuff. So let's talk!

Something tells me my style hasn't developed completely yet. To be honest I find it quite annoying, mainly because it requires different pieces of clothes for different style that changes with my mood...meaning buying more clothes...clothes costs...I annoyingly pay for those clothes...I'm frustrated for the rest of the day with the lack of papers in my wallet.

Well, it is summer now, well almost, and there has been a DRASTIC change in the temperature. Honestly two weeks ago everything was fine, then there's a weekend, all good...spending time laying around not bothering to go anywhere. Then BAM! Monday came and I swear I was like a turkey out of the oven! The sun is suddenly burning so hard that it actually hurts. And even worse, there is really no summer clothes in my closet. Somehow I never think of those extreme hot days when shopping and now I'm doomed!

So I've been doing some googling recently just to kind of get the idea of what summer pieces I like and how to put them together without having to pretend I don't have insecurities or be overheated. And since Coachella happened, I've been loving this rockish-indie-going to a festival kind of look. Basically band T-shirts, tops, skinny jeans, some light ankle boots with a hat on top. I absolutely love hats, they are so important to not overheat my head because I do tend to pass out so fedoras all the way!

Because I absolutely can't stand jeans in the summer, especially when I have to literally peel them off of me at the end of the day I did come up with an alternative. Lets say some thicker thighs with a loose longer top, ankle boots and of course a hat. That would be pretty ok version for someone not ready to show skin, right? I would also try and wear a cardigan or something long sleeved just because I tan really easily. In a matter of hours I can get 5 shades darker and then it's hard to even it out later when I'm on holiday. So I kind of look like a penguin.

To many people, I know I sound ridiculous right now. Who wears anything long in the summer?? But who doesn't have struggles. I would love to know what is your go to look on a hot summer day, so if you're up for it, leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading! Byyyy


A bundle of ramble

It's a bit of a struggle, this life. Don't worry, I'll try not to make this post as some pitiful story about  my mood and feelings lately. I just wanted to give you an update on what's been going on and why I haven't written anything for a long time.

By this time I think it has became quite obvious that I'm very weak when it comes to giving into my laziness. It's bad,and it's even worse when I'm not feeling a 100%. And the reason behind that is the fact that I'm currently fighting for my place in this world, not seeing any progress. I get strongly affected by the progress I make. It makes me even more inspired. But, it works in the opposite way also...and I just can't help but feel bummed.

Somehow, I always have this itch to write...keep writing, keep expressing myself, keep creating. But despite the fact I absolutely love making new blog posts, I can't get myself to write about anything I usually write about. I don't want to change the main "theme" of my blog with posts like this one so I usually contemplate whether to write a crappy beauty/fashion/life blog post or absolutely nothing. But it has been too long so I felt as if I owe an explanation.

One thing no one knows about me is that I have periods of being really optimistic, energetic, inspired and then another day comes along with the pessimistic period that lasts for a while. And it simply snaps between those two. But I'm a person that lives in a moment so it's not noticeable to others. Only I feel it. And it makes me really frustrated because I feel like I fail myself when I don't write a post, or work on a song, or just go out on a sunny day just because I, at that moment, don't see the point.

This blog means a lot to me. For many different reasons. I love to write about things and share my opinion. And to get a response from some of the readers is even better. So, to keep up with regular updating I decided to write posts in advance and make a use of that "I'm so happy, let's go do something" time. That way there is no way I miss a date to post. I'm making it an obligation to get myself back on track. Go trough this crappy phase and learn to live and be happy.

P.S. Sorry for all the pessimism but I just feel like s**t. ;) Byyy


Home for the holiday

Helloo to all my dearest readers! I wanted to take a look at these past few days of my, so called, vacation. Since it was May 1st, or rather known as International Workers Day, I took a few days off to spend with my family. And what was supposed to be a 5 day break turned into 6 days, which then turned into 7 days and today is the last day I get to be lazy. I would say I'm completely ready to get back to work and be productive...but honestly...that would be one big fat lie.

I'm not sure how all of you celebrate this holiday, but I'll tell you a little about what we do. In my hometown it is tradition to go to this park where they give out bean soup, or stew, to people. I love this tradition because the food is really good. Of course, the day couldn't go without some candy floss and tons of ice cream too.

The mayor also gives out flowers every year which I sadly didn't get. I have seen the president, though. That was kind of interesting. What was scary was the big, too dark cloud that was right above the park...and strangely there was terrible thunder but with no rain. All and all, it was a good day. We have gotten wet later on cause of rain, but it was fun.
The whole weekend was absolutely fantastic, I had a splendid time if I may say so! Lots of food, even more sleeping and quite a few new clothing items.

Hopefully all of you had a lovely weekend as well. This is all from me for now. Stay well!


Fun weekend in Ljubljana

Hy there! I thought I would update you of everything that happened last weekend when my dear friend Honey came to visit me in this cute little town I'm currently living in. You can also take a look at her blogs. Since we both are huge lovers of everything old and architecture and nature, our days consisted of walking by the river, visiting the beautiful park Tivoli and my favourite, the castle...or fortress. Whatever it is google Ljubljanski grad.

                                                           (Here‘s me feeling excited!)

While we were sitting on a random bench somewhere downtown, trying to think of what could we have for lunch, out of nowhere ~ a CALVIN KLEIN-MODEL looking guy came up to us asking for a lighter. Unfortunately, we couldn't help him since non of us smoke so then he walked away to his puppy and hugged it ~ #awwww. I briefly remember staring at him thinking holy s*#t! You know how some people make smoking 10x more attractive? Well this guy takes it to a whole new level, I kid you not! This is why I need to get a lighter  and carry it around. If nothing, it can be a good conversation starter ~ wink,wink.

    (Exuse my face)

I can honestly say, I have never had so much fun. I love discovering new places and small bits no one else cares about so my heart was filled with bliss. I felt like a spy and I loved it. I also know my partner in crime enjoyed it as much as I did ~ yes I do read your posts, you little Earth living creature. Hopefully we will have lots and lots more adventures like this in the future because we both love travelling and if I may say, the future is pretty promising.


New shampoo review

Hello lovely people! First of all, I just have to say sorry for not posting anything in a really long time. I usually post every Sunday so I only missed the last one, but still. For some reason I couldn't connect to the Internet for a few days so that sucked big time!

This won't be a long blog post like usual but is very important! Mainly because it concerns hair and I am VERY obsessive over how I take care of mine.

I just wanted to write a review on two shampoos I bought some time ago. In the store I must have spent around 30 mins comparing all the shampoos. Since I have extremely thin hair and not so much of it, it is really hard for me to choose which shampoo is right for me. That's why I try to use mild ones, without much chemicals, that also nurture my roots. And that is where these come in:

I'm not exactly sure of the brand, it's not really written anywhere. I'm sure though, you can get them in Slovenia. 'Cause that's where I am right now. And of course, the first thing that captured my eye are the bottle designs. Reminds me of those in hair saloons, really professional. However,they are spretty small. Only 230 ml for 1 EUR when I can get a shampoo of 1 L for 0.89 EUR.

This little guy has a scent of a birch tree. It is to make the hair stronger and to grow faster. Can never be fast enough,yeah? Also it is good for frequent washing of hair, and it smells amazing! Really refreshing, kind of woodsy, and the smell stays for a really long time. =)                 
The second shampoo has a scent of a nettle plant. This one you can also use for frequent hair washing. It is a little bit different. It reduces hair loss ~ well...it's supposed to ~ and it also makes it grow faster. Personally I 
prefer the birch scent but this one is also refreshing and stays on your hair for a long time.

I try to wash my hair as less as possible. However, with my hair there is no #seconddayhair. The grease doesn't help at all in makeing it look good. It's just greasy! So I do try to use shampoos that are gentle to hair and mostly chemical-free.

Depending on the type of hair you have, choose what you feel is the best for you. In my life I used some really bad shampoos that did not work with my hair and no matter how much would I wash it, it would still be dirty. But then, they would be perfect for someone else. So it's basically all about experimenting. That's all I can say...go and spend some time in the shampoo isle. And have fun with it!


Random mini shopping haul

Hello lovely people! Inspired by the sun shining upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to take a walk around the city centre today. A store here and a store there and I did find myself some bits. So I thought I would share with you the experience, the anecdotes and the final result of that day.

Since I remember, I've been obsessing over hair buns. Mainly because there is no way for me to create one with how little hair I have. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so what do I do? I go and buy a bun scrunchie. This is actually the first time I tried it and I admit I probably lost half off my hair during the process of making the bun. I‘m still not sure if the scrunchie is visible or not because I can feel it but on the picture it looks normal....your thoughts? Btw this ridiculous picture is the result od acumulated mess in the corner that had to be cropped out.

The name of the store I went to is H&M. While on my adventure, I discovered the 3rd floor of the store that basically has all the cool designed clothes. Batman shirts, cool graphic shirts, denim jackets, all that stuff. You know I was in heaven! Even though I'm changing my style I did buy a really nice, simple but interesting sweatshirt, perfect for spring and lazy days.

And I have to tell you the anecdote that happend. So I was in this store called Müller just looking around when suddenly this lady comes up to me to help her look for the price of some foundation product. And that's ok, I don't mind helping people. BUT...then she started to tell me about all the good products she uses, how she's 70 and looks younger. She was trying to tell me something about stomach peeling gel, how great it is, but was so bad at English I was just there standing trying to look interested and not to laugh. And I wasn't meant to be rude or anything because she was really nice, saying: "You're very beautiful young girl, I just want to help you. I know a lot about cosmetics." Basically I just found her interesting cause she was like a happy/jumpy ball and she literally made my day, so thank her!


Feathers fashion trend

Hello lovelies! I have been loving the feather accessories trend lately. Like the earrings and necklaces and hair pieces ~ my hipster self is saying "hi!". Feathers have found their way into the fashion world as interesting details on a piece of clothing or shoes and I always feel like they manage to lift up that the overall look of it.

Finding the inspiration in Native American culture I also fell in love with the necklaces and hair accessories decorated with feathers. The earth colours are currently my favourite.

Above all, my absolute favourite feather accessory has to be feather hair pieces. I love how they blend in with the hair and don't look awkward. Also it's great if you're not a fan of having anything put in your hair for a longer period of time, you can always use feather earrings. It might not be the same but if you let your hair down and mess it up a bit, the earrings will just blend in!

Adding to my previous blog post, where I declared myself as a biker bad ass ~ only in my weird mind though ~ I have to address a certain subject. Tattoos! How I love them! Besides the doves tattoo design, I have a wish to get the dream catcher tattooed on my ribcage in earth colours. I know I'm a wuss but one can dream right?

I DO NOT SUPPORT TREATING ANIMALS BADLY IN FAVOUR OF FASHION! It is not that hard to make a fake feather, and they look just as the real ones.
P.S. I just remembered one instance when we had a little birdy called Kiki our little dog managed to catch him with his mouth, yes he had the whole bird inside his mouth ~ not chewing him though ~ but Kiki escaped...only without his pretty tail. And that was just weird.

So let's all be fashionable and animal friendly!


Contradicting fashion style

Hello everybody! The other day, I had a little discussion with a friend of mine concerning wardrobe change ~ it mostly consisted of whining about not having money or right models. We are pretty much in the same shoes...in need of a change, but lacking money. And there is probably lots of others with the same problem. So how do we accomplish our much needed change? Will the day when we burn all the old rags ~ in reality send them to a charity or younger cousins ~ come?

Always being a bit of an outcast caused me to try to stand out and not follow trends. And since I'm usually an awkward human being, clothes was my way to express my uniqueness. And with it I would try to show my attitude, emotions, the mood I'm in...
To introduce myself better to you, these are my...let's call it summer wish lists.

I would very much feel comfortable wearing biker boots, leather jackets and trousers. Riding a motorbike, trying to look intimidating. And I feel like this style suits well with my personality as independent, free, don't ya mess with me attitude...could be sexy. Being a young woman, I think this style would fit me and wouldn't interfere with the career path I'm taking.

I did mention that I dress based on what mood I'm in, and usually it's between a confident and a girly girl. I've been having googly eyes over this dresses for ages now! I just find something charming in the 50s fashion. I like that they are not too long or short if you have body issues like I do and would look perfect with some cute shoes and perhaps a hat. Exactly what we need for warm days!

I understand that girls nowadays don't typically wear clothes like this, mostly short shorts and a tank top. But then there's me...giving my best to try and stand out because blending in is overrated.
Fashion can be difficult, right?

Anyways, hope I didn't bore you ti death already! Wish you have a lovely day!


Home interior decor | candles | pillows | lights

I believe I've expressed my love for interior design quite a few times...if not...I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGNING!! And that is why I decided to share some ideas of decorating your personal space on a low budget.

As everything, I believe your living area has to reflect who you are. Sometimes that's hard to achieve, whether you can't afford certain things you love or maybe you lack ideas ~ or you are stuck in an apartment you can't touch because you're renting it, like me (-_-).

Personally, my absolute favourite decorative products are scented candles. They might not be exactly cheap, especially the big fancy ones, but you can always get the cheap ones and put them in the candle holders you like. Using scented candles will also make whoever steps into your home, envious of the aroma. They are quite relaxing if I may say.

Pillows! Can't get enough of them! I own a few of them and I'm always on a hunt for more! Depending on how good you are with sewing try to get creative and make one yourself or ask someone for help. There are always some old rags or a blanket or jeans you can use to make a pillow case. After that you can honestly stuff your pillow with whatever, I would recommend a sponge or maybe cotton wool.

Another important thing in your living space is lightning! So why not decorate your old boring simple lights!? You can use your desk lamp, some wire and old shirts to make a lampshade. For the base use some coloured cardboard and make different cubes to put around it. Hopefully this photo inspires you ~ here's a better look.

=> If you'd like something not so drastic...but still drastic...you can spray paint one of your walls, put weird shaped shelves on it...play with it. You can also either hang, tape or nail a big old bed sheet on the wall. Sew some pockets on it and it's very practical to store cosmetics.

=> There is no need to explain how much trouble I have with small things I own but don't use every day. In the matter of hours they end up scattered on my desk which drives me absolutely nuts! A solution I have is to take a few shoe boxes and wrap them either with newspaper ~ cool print, small costs ~ magazines or get some knitted material in different colours. Stack them up and be wowed by the result!

=> To refresh your room you can also take some see trough glasses from your kitchen. If you have any old pullovers you want to throw away, cut the cuffs and wrap them around your glasses and maybe use a ribbon to wrap it around. Then you can use them as a candle holder or you can fill them with decorative pebbles.

Main thing is that you find a way to put the things you already have to a good use. Have you tried any diy projects like this already?

Hopefully this blog post inspired you in some way! Byy!


Meet Fanni the stylist

Hello everybody!! A while ago I got in contact with a lovely girl named Fanni. So I though I would introduce you all to the wonderful work that she does.
As you may assume, she is a stylist in training and recently she created a profile on Polyvore where she shares her ideas with the world. That's why I decided to "steal" some of her creations and show them to you all!

Since we're in the winter season this is my favourite outfit so far. I‘m literally in love with this jacket ~ warm and cosy ~ can't do better. And combined with the scarf you can NOT be more in heaven! Another thing I like is the combination of baggy upper clothing item paired with skin tight leggings/jeans/...whatever, because it somehow makes me feel like my legs seem longer ~ even though that‘s completely untrue.

This is also really nice combination for cold days when you only wish to be warm and cosy. I love the earth colours here which I've been obsessing over recently. Also, I've been dying to get a jacket similar to this one but every single one I've tried on made me look absolutely ridiculous! ~ buuu jacket...now I have to suffer with this old coat. And of course, the big love of mine...a beanie! Can't have enough of them!

This is probably my personal favourite outfit! Ripped jeans and white T-shirt give the casual vibe and the shoes bring the whole outfit on higher level. So basically I would say this is perfect outfit to spend the whole day wearing it if you have a really busy day. You can do your daily activities...or go to work...or take a stroll around the city. Honestly, I can imagine myself wearing this pretty much every day to work in the future ~ when I actually have a job that is.

And lastly can I just say...the DRESS, the SHOES, the HAIR! Dead!! I really need a dress similar to this one, I don't need the shoes because I don't wish to die yet, and I really want to dye my hair red but there is so little of it I better not touch it...wouldn't be nice if I ended up bald.

I really hope you like this as much as I do. If you wish to contact Fanni, the creator of this outfits, I'll leave some links to her profiles.

          Thank you all for reading!

Fanni‘s twitter page: @1D_Fanni
         polyvore page: Fanni


Nominated for the Liebster Award

Hellloooo people! So the other day I've read a comment that said I was nominated by a fellow blogger for a Liebster Award! So thank you Whitney .
This award is a way to discover new blogs that are just starting and don't have a lot of followers.
          There are also a few rules you have to follow. Those are:
  Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
  Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers (I based this on Bloglovin’ follower count).
  Create a new set of 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

          My answers are:
1. Do you wear makeup every day?
I do not actually. For a very long time I've been afraid to wear makeup because I've seen how bad it can influence your skin. Plus my mum used to tell me quite a lot of times how she has never used foundation which is why her face looks soft and young-ish now. However, I'm starting to get really interested in it so I hope I will gradually figure out how to use it mainly to cover some flaws.
2. What is your favourite place to shop?
My most favourite shop would be ZARA because I really like the elegant/sophisticated look. However, since it is quite expensive and I'm on a budget I usually go to C&A, H&M or some local shops and markets. There is also a place in Croatia and Slovenia called Nama which has everything from clothes to makeup to kitchen stuff ~ a heaven on earth!
3. How would you describe your personal style?
My style varies from sporty to comfy to sophisticated to hip hop/street. That also makes it kind of difficult for me because lots of my clothes don't match so most of the time I spend 2 hours just staring at my wardrobe.
4. Do you prefer high-end or drugstore makeup, and why?
Well, since makeup is something I put directly on my skin then I really don‘t care where have I bought it as long as it is good quality. There are a lot of affordable good products as there are some expensive products that are rubbish.
5. What is your favourite brand of makeup?
I really like Essence and Urban Decoy ~ with those Naked palettes.
6. What is one product you can't live without?
That would be my moisturising face cream. I couldn't go a day without it. I would probably feel like I have a cement mask covering my face! =o
7. Do you have a New Year‘s resolution, and if so what is it?
I usually don't make those resolutions, so no I don't have one. I do have some plans that I can't write much about in case they don't work.
8. Name three things off your wish list.
   a) Naked palettes
   b) MIDI synth and headphones
   c) a personal chef who will cook me healthy delicious meals cause I don't know hooow!! 
9. What do you hope to accomplish or gain from blogging?
Well, main reason I started my blog is because I've been more and more interested in beauty & fashion and for some time I've been getting tips from some other blogs. I though it would be interesting to make a beauty/fashion blog and see where it would get in a year and if it would reflect a change in me trought this year. Also I really hope some of my advices will help someone else.
10. What is your proudest or exciting moment so far from blogging?
Honestly, reaching first five blog followers.
11. How long have you been blogging?
If I remember correctly I've been blogging since September last year. Not too long and I'm really proud of myself for not giving it up already...mental high five!

          The following lovelies are my nominees:
   => kelsielauren
   => Ashley Zarubi
   => Honey
   => Yaela Jamal
   => Lucy Locket
   => Lottie Kerr
   => Karina Sandez
   => styl(e)volver
   => amazed by D
   => SimplyAdarable
   => Pantera Fashion

          Q‘s for the nominees:
1.Why did you start your blog?
2.What inspires you?
3.What is your biggest ambition/wish in life?
4.What is your favourite piece of clothing to wear and why?
5.Name 3 qualities you love about yourself.
6.What is your favourite style and why?
7.Do you prefer new clothes or vintage clothes?
8.Do you believe in "all natural" beauty?
9.What is you favourite brand and scent of candle?
10.Describe the feeling you get when you press "publish" button.
11.What would you like to accomplish this year?

Thanks for reading!Byy!


Pampering you say?

Howdy y'all! How're y'all doing? I had a wonderful lazy Friday, and I'm not complaining at all! It was exactly what I needed. A bit of a me time to spoil myself. The only thing missing is a hot bubble bath or a massage that I can't afford because I'm a student, but oh well!

I wanted to do a review on these Dove products that I got for Christmas ~ thanks mum ~ because I absolutely love them!

Let me tell you something first. I travel a lot with train so I don't like to carry a large suitcase. This time I took two duffel bags. However, they were heavy so I tried to take as less stuff as I could, meaning I left all my beauty products behind. I thought ~ that's ok, I'll just use my mum's. How wrong was I! My skin reacted awfully. My cheeks were red and really rough on touch and it got me soo worried! I normally use moisturising cream for my face which I didn't have so I tried using Dove's body lotion. The change was instant! I woke up feeling refreshed and my skin was really soft. This is the body lotion with almond cream and hibiscus for all skin types as is the shower gel. The deodorant is silk dry with 0 % of Alcohol and it smells soooo good! I could go on about it all day. Honest!

Not trying to advertise or anything but this is not the first time I was amazed by Dove products so I highly recommend at least trying it once because they're really good!

If I may say, today was exquisite with a bit of pampering. My face is a very touchy subject for me and I do admit I take care of it as a mommy dragon takes care of her baby. I also use Balea's 3 in 1 cleansing gel for washing, exfoliation and as a mask. It has a fruity smell and leaves you feeling refreshed. I'm not sure in which countries it is available but you can get it pretty cheap.

How do you take care of your skin? Which products do you think are the best? Let me know ~ always happy to get new advice.