Weird humans of Croatia

          Hello! So the other day I thought I would write about the reasons you should visit Croatia. I saw a lot of people asking for advice on Twitter about certain places and it is the season of planning your holiday. But then a particular TV report flipped my mind around.

          Here are the things you would find weird about Croatian humans:

1. Going for a coffee is not what you expect
Apparently no one else uses the excuse to get together with friends over a coffee. However, here it includes a few hours of catching up and drinking free water because another round of beverage means more money to waste. And let me quote the guy in that TV report: "Why would you dress up on a Saturday morning to go sit at a coffee shop?"

2. We are paranoid about the wind (draft = propuh)
Yes, old people would probably yell at you if you went outside not covered up enough if the wind is blowing…or with wet hair. However, it is commonly used to get rid of a bad smell in your home. Just open a few windows.

3. Eating in public
Another abnormality! See we like to eat. Simple. Do not get surprised if you see a lot of people munching on something while on the move. Join us and embrace the jealousy of others whom have no spare money in their pocket!

4. Old people with personality disorder
It is common to see an old ladies SPRINTING to catch their bus or tram. However, the moment they step in you can see them crumbling under all the conditions they suddenly have with a mission to get you out of your seat. Watch out for that purse!

5. We wear slippers at home
What do you even mean? The floors are cold and sometimes dusty why would you want to walk in socks?
Quote: "We don't wear slippers. Disney characters do!"

6. Drying our laundry out in the sun
Yes this is normal. Why would we dry it inside when it is quicker dried under the sun. I mean…how the freak do you dry your clothes?

7. Quote: "Does anyone know why Croatians break glasses when they celebrate something?"
          Well, let me simplify it. Celebration includes alcohol most of the time. Conclusion is…they get drunk! No other way to say that…

8. Unusual love for grandmas
Grandmas are great! They feed us, babysit us, give us money…sometimes. They are everywhere and know everything and make our lives easier!

9. We drink tea only when sick
I can personally confirm that. Never liked tea. Mum used to make me drink it when I was ill, I had to pee every five minutes! But there are people who prefer it or are trying to loose weight so they drink green tea. I drink more chamomile tea now to get rid of my stomach pain.

          Hopefully this made your day. I could not stop laughing at some of the stuff people said about us. Weird nation, aren't we? Also this are what mostly came up during my search and I have to say…I do not understand some of it. Admit now…would you come here? Do you find this list weird? Have you heard something absurd about your culture? 

P. S. Might want to shop in a grocery store, not on a market. I have seen a report about merchants putting up a bigger price when they figured out someone was a tourist. (That person was in Dubrovnik)


Woolly knitwear lovin'

          Hey there munchkins! I report to you from a, not so sunny or warm, balcony/terrace, anymore. After a nice satisfying lunch I realised it would make me happy to blog from here. Even though I am on my phone…it is interesting.

          I know it is spring now, getting closer to summer, but I figured I have not yet talked to you about a particular love of mine. So let me put the season aside as it is quite chilly still and honestly...I like to talk about things when it is not a proper time. Introducing to you all the goodies called sweaters! I do not know what it is but something about knitted materials attracts me like a magnet. From clothes to blankets to pillow cases to sofa covers, oh. ( "It's so fluffy!" )

          Winter wonderland
I feel like winter is everyone's favourite season to bundle up in layers of warmth and coziness. From experience I am the first one to say that it is a struggle to put those layers on and not feel squished. So it is nice to have a go to pullover that will keep you warm and still stylish. What an amount of choosing these days, wow.

         Summer land
Not very often do you get to wear knitwear during summer. Still, there are some good occasions to trow them on. It is the season of festivals, hint Coachella, going to the beach and an occasional rainy day. I just love when the weather allows me to wear an item that contradicts the season. It makes me so happy about myself for whatever reason. So I always anticipate a colder summer day or night to snuggle in a cosy pullover.

          Lazy(land) day
Yes I had to insert land here too.

There is absolutely no need to explain why this is the perfect opportunity to tackle your closet and pull out that huge overly-sized-for-no-reason pullover that I know you have. Chances are, if you are wasting your time reading this right now, you are snuggled with a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket…yes/no? I feel like this is a situation where you can get away with having a ridiculously loose shirt that keeps falling off and feel no shame. What could be more comfortable than a knee length shirt with fuzzy socks?

That would be the end of this post! Thank you for reading, leave a comment and have a nice day! ( no shame xP )


Into the Woods

          Hello lovelies! The sunshine is out and it is the perfect opportunity to catch up on that vitamin D. Just yesterday I was in such a bad mood, I made myself get up and get out. My friend and I went on a little hike-like walk at the park, Maksimir - just so you know it's name, with my sister's dog. She is overweight at the moment so she needs extra exercise…and so do I. We had an extremely nice time, excuse those few intense encounters with other dogs, so I decided to introduce you all to my hood! =P Enjoy in these woodsy pictures as you scroll down!


Hello April, Hello Spring

          Finally, the spring is here! Who else is feeling the good vibe this fabulous season brings? I sure do! For the past week I have been waking up around 7 - 8 am, some days earlier, with no alarm clock may I add. And with my room being on the sunny side of the house, I wake up feeling inspired and really productive. Bad side to it is that the feeling goes away by noon. Oh well!

          Being a blogger, I constantly find myself thinking of more things to do. Not only for this blog, but in my everyday life. How to spend my time more productive, how to better myself, how to achieve a goal that I have and in between finding new content that you guys would like.

This is what I came up with:

1.Get those abs
          This past two months got me pretty much completely off my track to becoming fit. Motivation is highly requested if you wish to achieve a certain result in anything you do. And since I had a slight crisis I lost mine. I am slowly getting back into my regime now that the mornings are so wonderful. I also eat healthy again and plan on starting an outdoors workout since I do live nearby a park.

2.Write a song or two
          Yes, I used to write songs. Yes, I stopped. And maybe my skill level was not up to actually being able to publish those lyrics before I stopped. But I am older now, wiser, have more to write about…the skill will sharpen at some point. After all, songwriting is not about flaunting your work but about expressing yourself in a musical way. Instead of avoiding writing songs, maybe it could be my method to avoid stress.

3.Find a place to live
          I am not sure what being grown up means to you, but to me it always meant being independent and able to move out. I love my parents, but staying in their house was never an option. Not being tied to a place at the moment, other than to my family, I feel like now is the chance to go exploring. I do want to experience world and see what it offers. So I think it is time to see my options and decide where am I going next.

          So these are some of the things that will be occupying my time even more from now on. I do not like being lazy but sometimes the frustration gets the best of me so I do not get things done. And the circle goes around. Tell me about your plans. Are you trying out something new? Or perhaps getting back to the hobby that was forgotten?