Schwarzkopf Omega Repair | Instant Repair Serum & BB Beauty Balm Review

Schwarzkopf product review
Some time ago I received a really nice birthday present from one of my best friends. It was the Schwarzkopf hair repair serum and balm for damaged hair. What a way to subtly say there is a bird nest on my head ~ not that I have enough for half of the nest xP.

OMEGA REPAIR Instant Repair Serum & Beauty Balm contain ULTIME-4-complex of pearl extract, panthenol, refined protein and keratin. Side info: panthenol is a B5 vitamin suitable to use on fine hair. It has the ability to go into your hair shaft and the root of your hair improving its elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility helping your hair strand thicken up to 10%. Also it promotes hair growth.

Schwarzkopf | Instant Repair Serum & BB Beauty Balm
The best result you get with this serum and balm is the silky, soft touch to your hair. Depending on your hair type you can struggle with it being knotty and dry after washing it. If that is the case I would definitely recommend using this as it is a quick solution to getting the hair you want without going though hours of using hair masks and oils.
However, I do have to say that I am not the biggest fan of the scent. I never did like the sweet fragrances so this does not surprise me. Nor does it bother me. When looking for products I focus on the benefits not  the scent.

Schwarzkopf | Instant Repair Serum

Schwarzkopf | BB Beauty Balm
Both products are very easy to use. You can either apply them on wet or dry hair, then leave them to do their magic. I usually use them when I do not feel like using my normal hair masks because even if I only wash my hair with a regular shampoo I can still have silky, shiny hair. Being obsessive over my hair condition, it is very important to me to have easy to comb and soft hair so I can prevent ripping it off as much as I can. Every strand is important in my case!

Hopefully you decide to give this products a try because they really are incredible. As I said, if you are struggling with your hair, these could come in handy. After all, it is all about trial and error and finding out what works best for you. 

If you have any tips on regrowing the hair, please share them with me, God knows I need help!
Thank you for reading!


My blanket & pillow collection

For the longest time I had a slight obsession with blankets. Whenever I go to the store I gravitate towards that shelf. But can you blame me?

The little personal heaven of softness, warmth and bright colours. Very helpful in winter when my house turns into ice popsicle. And it is a BIG house. So you got to do what you got to do, in this case turn yourself into a blanket burrito.

Blanket design
My favourite one is the red one with the snowflakes. I do not know how I got that one, though I believe it was my mum's and she gave it to me. It is a really nice, christmas-y, red colour, making me wish it was winter whenever I snuggle in it. I did get quite picky with the materials once I found much softer ones. They are more expensive so it is not very likely I will end up with a new blanket anytime soon.

Now, I feel like some of the pillows are missing. I remember having lots of them. Pillows are my favourite decorative item, and the one I love the most is the long brown one. I can not even describe how soft and smooth it is. I got it with the intention of it being a decor on an armchair I will get once I move out again. So for now it is just patiently waiting to be used.

Material texture
This is just one of my modest collections. You might know I do have seemingly a lot of obsessions with different things. Let me know what is your favourite piece of home decor and thank you for stopping by!


My earliest memories

Seeing as my 'About' page is quite popular, it seems you lot like getting to know me. Since I already have four posts of fun facts ~ look for Introducing Me ~ I came up with something slightly different. I remember quite far into my childhood, surprisingly, and some memories are worth sharing. So, let's get the stories started.

Thinking of daycare, I vaguely remember number three. Every morning, they would call out our names and I have a memory of me always saying my age, three years old, or holding up three of my chubby fingers. Now, this does not make sense to me because I know I was in daycare for a short amount of time and was out probably around the age of five or six. So, two to three years seems a tad bit too long.

Adding to the daycare era. I have a horrible memory of me being on a swing. It was one of those you get strapped into so you do not fall out ~ BUT neither can you escape! So the nice lady that was supposed to look after me went inside to do who knows what while I was on that awful contraption. Then the, even nicer, kids thought it would be super fun to push me SUPER high while I scream my little heart out. While I was in tears, scared for my life, my sister had to stop the swing to get me out and away from the kids. I was so dizzy she had to sit me down on one of the half-walls to calm down. It resulted in me getting nauseous whenever I try to swing, even for a little while.

This next memory was actually photographed. One nice afternoon my mom and I were baking some cakes. On the photo you can see my mum and I smiling at each other and I remember that exact moment it was taken. I can picture looking into my mothers eyes trying to make her laugh.

When I was really young ~ I still had a crib ~ I got chicken pox. At one point I was standing in my crib holding onto the side looking at my parents in nothing but my underwear. For some reason they kept me almost in my birthday suit. Afterwards, I went to pee and scratched some of the poxes…they were itchy!

I am not sure when this happened but I claim it was around being three years old, even though it most likely was not. I just remember that I could walk at that time. A neighbour of ours was fixing one of our old TVs. To be honest, that TV never worked. So, one day my dad and I went to buy some bread and milk and on the way home we went to see if the TV is fixed. Funny fact is that the neighbour had a little daughter called Paula and that day I met my best friend!

These are just some of the random moments I remember. Hope you enjoyed them! Comment the earliest memory of yours and if you want more of posts like this! Have a nice day!