New shampoo review

Hello lovely people! First of all, I just have to say sorry for not posting anything in a really long time. I usually post every Sunday so I only missed the last one, but still. For some reason I couldn't connect to the Internet for a few days so that sucked big time!

This won't be a long blog post like usual but is very important! Mainly because it concerns hair and I am VERY obsessive over how I take care of mine.

I just wanted to write a review on two shampoos I bought some time ago. In the store I must have spent around 30 mins comparing all the shampoos. Since I have extremely thin hair and not so much of it, it is really hard for me to choose which shampoo is right for me. That's why I try to use mild ones, without much chemicals, that also nurture my roots. And that is where these come in:

I'm not exactly sure of the brand, it's not really written anywhere. I'm sure though, you can get them in Slovenia. 'Cause that's where I am right now. And of course, the first thing that captured my eye are the bottle designs. Reminds me of those in hair saloons, really professional. However,they are spretty small. Only 230 ml for 1 EUR when I can get a shampoo of 1 L for 0.89 EUR.

This little guy has a scent of a birch tree. It is to make the hair stronger and to grow faster. Can never be fast enough,yeah? Also it is good for frequent washing of hair, and it smells amazing! Really refreshing, kind of woodsy, and the smell stays for a really long time. =)                 
The second shampoo has a scent of a nettle plant. This one you can also use for frequent hair washing. It is a little bit different. It reduces hair loss ~ well...it's supposed to ~ and it also makes it grow faster. Personally I 
prefer the birch scent but this one is also refreshing and stays on your hair for a long time.

I try to wash my hair as less as possible. However, with my hair there is no #seconddayhair. The grease doesn't help at all in makeing it look good. It's just greasy! So I do try to use shampoos that are gentle to hair and mostly chemical-free.

Depending on the type of hair you have, choose what you feel is the best for you. In my life I used some really bad shampoos that did not work with my hair and no matter how much would I wash it, it would still be dirty. But then, they would be perfect for someone else. So it's basically all about experimenting. That's all I can say...go and spend some time in the shampoo isle. And have fun with it!


Random mini shopping haul

Hello lovely people! Inspired by the sun shining upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to take a walk around the city centre today. A store here and a store there and I did find myself some bits. So I thought I would share with you the experience, the anecdotes and the final result of that day.

Since I remember, I've been obsessing over hair buns. Mainly because there is no way for me to create one with how little hair I have. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so what do I do? I go and buy a bun scrunchie. This is actually the first time I tried it and I admit I probably lost half off my hair during the process of making the bun. I‘m still not sure if the scrunchie is visible or not because I can feel it but on the picture it looks normal....your thoughts? Btw this ridiculous picture is the result od acumulated mess in the corner that had to be cropped out.

The name of the store I went to is H&M. While on my adventure, I discovered the 3rd floor of the store that basically has all the cool designed clothes. Batman shirts, cool graphic shirts, denim jackets, all that stuff. You know I was in heaven! Even though I'm changing my style I did buy a really nice, simple but interesting sweatshirt, perfect for spring and lazy days.

And I have to tell you the anecdote that happend. So I was in this store called Müller just looking around when suddenly this lady comes up to me to help her look for the price of some foundation product. And that's ok, I don't mind helping people. BUT...then she started to tell me about all the good products she uses, how she's 70 and looks younger. She was trying to tell me something about stomach peeling gel, how great it is, but was so bad at English I was just there standing trying to look interested and not to laugh. And I wasn't meant to be rude or anything because she was really nice, saying: "You're very beautiful young girl, I just want to help you. I know a lot about cosmetics." Basically I just found her interesting cause she was like a happy/jumpy ball and she literally made my day, so thank her!


Feathers fashion trend

Hello lovelies! I have been loving the feather accessories trend lately. Like the earrings and necklaces and hair pieces ~ my hipster self is saying "hi!". Feathers have found their way into the fashion world as interesting details on a piece of clothing or shoes and I always feel like they manage to lift up that the overall look of it.

Finding the inspiration in Native American culture I also fell in love with the necklaces and hair accessories decorated with feathers. The earth colours are currently my favourite.

Above all, my absolute favourite feather accessory has to be feather hair pieces. I love how they blend in with the hair and don't look awkward. Also it's great if you're not a fan of having anything put in your hair for a longer period of time, you can always use feather earrings. It might not be the same but if you let your hair down and mess it up a bit, the earrings will just blend in!

Adding to my previous blog post, where I declared myself as a biker bad ass ~ only in my weird mind though ~ I have to address a certain subject. Tattoos! How I love them! Besides the doves tattoo design, I have a wish to get the dream catcher tattooed on my ribcage in earth colours. I know I'm a wuss but one can dream right?

I DO NOT SUPPORT TREATING ANIMALS BADLY IN FAVOUR OF FASHION! It is not that hard to make a fake feather, and they look just as the real ones.
P.S. I just remembered one instance when we had a little birdy called Kiki our little dog managed to catch him with his mouth, yes he had the whole bird inside his mouth ~ not chewing him though ~ but Kiki escaped...only without his pretty tail. And that was just weird.

So let's all be fashionable and animal friendly!


Contradicting fashion style

Hello everybody! The other day, I had a little discussion with a friend of mine concerning wardrobe change ~ it mostly consisted of whining about not having money or right models. We are pretty much in the same shoes...in need of a change, but lacking money. And there is probably lots of others with the same problem. So how do we accomplish our much needed change? Will the day when we burn all the old rags ~ in reality send them to a charity or younger cousins ~ come?

Always being a bit of an outcast caused me to try to stand out and not follow trends. And since I'm usually an awkward human being, clothes was my way to express my uniqueness. And with it I would try to show my attitude, emotions, the mood I'm in...
To introduce myself better to you, these are my...let's call it summer wish lists.

I would very much feel comfortable wearing biker boots, leather jackets and trousers. Riding a motorbike, trying to look intimidating. And I feel like this style suits well with my personality as independent, free, don't ya mess with me attitude...could be sexy. Being a young woman, I think this style would fit me and wouldn't interfere with the career path I'm taking.

I did mention that I dress based on what mood I'm in, and usually it's between a confident and a girly girl. I've been having googly eyes over this dresses for ages now! I just find something charming in the 50s fashion. I like that they are not too long or short if you have body issues like I do and would look perfect with some cute shoes and perhaps a hat. Exactly what we need for warm days!

I understand that girls nowadays don't typically wear clothes like this, mostly short shorts and a tank top. But then there's me...giving my best to try and stand out because blending in is overrated.
Fashion can be difficult, right?

Anyways, hope I didn't bore you ti death already! Wish you have a lovely day!