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So here it is! The Halloween special blog post! The idea came to me not so long ago when I, very randomly, remembered the time we made masks in school. Now, we do not celebrate Halloween at all, other than an occasional carved pumpkin or two, but we do have a similar holiday in February where kids mask themselves and some towns organise parades. Therefore, we made masks in February.
Knowing there is a lot of you who love little DIY projects, this seemed to be the one worth sharing in the spirit of the Halloween!

All you will be needing is a homemade glue, a pile of newspaper and a balloon. Do not use regular glue because your mask needs to harden and not be a floppy paper.

A balloon
For the home glue mix 1 cup of plain flower with 1 cup of cold water until there is no lumps. Boil 2 cups of water and add your mixture to it. It will get lumpy again so stir it the best you can and cook for about 2-3 mins more until the consistency is slightly thick. Once that is done, preheat the glass jar or any container of your choice and transfer the glue into it. Leave it to cool down.

Flower & water homemade glue
Once your glue is cooled down, prepare your workplace because this can get messy. Start by coating the surface of the balloon with a layer of glue. Place a piece of newspapers on top of the glue and keep repeating the layers until you are happy with the thickness. Do not overuse the glue, you do not want the whole thing to slice off. Once you are finished, support the balloon with a bowl and leave it to dry off ~ that took me a day and a half plus a hair dryer since my house is too cold xP.

DIY Halloween mask | Pumpkin

DIY Halloween mask | Pumpkin
You do not necessarily have to make a mask. This technique can be used to make lots of different home decorations such as candy holders or, as you can see, I made a pumpkin. Though it depends on the shape of the balloon.

Now, the wisdom behind the balloon. In order to use your mask/decoration/bowl, you have to pop the balloon to detach it. Make sure the whole thing is dry completely or you will have a hard time peeling that balloon off. Use the scissors to cut the parts you do not need and get painting. I am not the best artist so my masterpiece ended up looking like this.

DIY Homemade mask | Pumpkin ~ finished look
NOTE: If you make this pumpkin DO NOT put a candle inside, instead use battery operated one. No need for the fire.

Happy Halloween!

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