Mini series: Hairy situations

Very recently I started using home made hair masks. Untill now I honestly could not care about all the other products except for the shampoo. However, since I started using a conditioner I started also liking the idea of getting my hair in better shape much more. I would not say it is damaged by any other cause other than me not really paying any attention to it. So now it is hair time!

The mask I last used was a protein mask. I mixed one whole egg, two spoons of yogurt, two spoons of honey and one spoon of oil. You can use any oil you like, I recommend using coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil sesame or almond oil. The point behind egg and yogurt is that they are rich with proteins which are always good. You can use only one or the other, because it is a lot of protein. You may know that honey is a great face mask and it is also great for your hair. It has an antibacterial effect great for if you have any problems with your scalp or infections.

Afterwards, wash your hair using your regular shampoo and conditioner and try to leave it to air dry. When it is mostly dry comb it with a wide-tooth comb to get those knots out.

Mini series: Introducing me

Last round of fun facts:

1. I am the worst person to be getting a massage,it tickles the heck out of me.

2. In the somewhat near future I want to invest in a smaller castle.

3. I never liked the nannies at my kindergarten. Once they left me strapped in a swing while they went to do something inside so the kids pushed the swing so high I started crying and my sister had to make them stop and help me off. I was then so dizzy she had to drag me to sit down and calm me down. She used to love me then.

4. I used to hate eating spinach until one day I ate the whole bowl of it.

5. I have never in my live been to the zoo or went ice skating.

6. I used to be able to put both my legs behind my head. My dad called me a gummy child.

7. I love Shakespeare because I was born on Midsummer Night. I have never seen a firefox though.

8. Every plant I have ever owned died, yes even my cactus.

9. When I was a baby, my sister never let me sleep. She always had to touch me or stare at me. Quite a creeper that one was.

10. I do not really like people kissing my cheeks especially because they get surprised how they are so soft. They are chubby, it's embarrassing, leave me alone…please.

Mini series: Thanks for the tip

If your nails are the annoying yellow colour there is a solution for it. Again, being a lover of natural, home made remedies, I introduce you to the lemon juice miracle worker!

If you want to get your nails to be that pearly white colour and make everyone else envy you then keep reading. Take one lemon and squeeze it's juice into a more wide and shallow container. Then, stick your fingers inside the lemon juice and keep it that way for about five minutes. I do not guarantee your nails will be white after the first time since I did not try this myself yet. Make sure you have enough juice to cover your nails and please do NOT try this if you have any wounds on your fingers!

P.S. "Smell nice"bonus tip: If you are out of your favourite fragrance take an orange peel and spray some of it's fluid onto your neck. Impressive scent guarantied!


Mini series: A day to look fabulous

As per request, it is time to shine in a elegant attire.
Having problems with this kind of look myself, let me tell you now. If you are in your twenties it is okay to wear this type of outfit. I personally struggle with being and behaving more mature and looking older not because I do not wish to grow up, but because I do not feel like myself in, let's call it, 'grown up clothes.' I do sometimes wish to look elegant and sophisticated, yet young and interesting, and I think this outfit shows what I would end up with.

The jumpsuit is entirely black but it does show off a great hour glass figure.You can see that it is tightened around the waist and it has small ruffles which gives a sensation of it being more casual. Also, since we are young, it is completely fine to show of a bit of a cleavage. It adds a bit of a funk to it.

One thing you would want here is to have attention on your legs. This is a perfect opportunity to visually prolong them. You can do that by wearing similar colour shoes with the colour of your trousers. In this case they are black and have somewhat of a pointed toes ~ also to prolong the legs. A bit of a golden detail breaks the boring black theme that is too dark for us young ladies.

Accessorising is minimalistic. I find it enough to have a nice clutch, preferably a bit larger one that matches the shoes. It goes with the look and also is not entirely black but still not too distracting.

Mini series: Hairy situations

There are many stories on the Internet on how to repair damaged hair. Whether it was damaged with chemicals and heat or just by not giving it much of your attention, it is a fact you need to start somewhere to make a recovery.

I always thought I had an amazing hair. It was the only thing I was proud of since I have always been chubby. Now the tables have turned. I am proud of my body but my hair, it seems, has lost it's shine. It still is healthy but as it would grow I noticed that it's completely see trough which irritated me. That is when I decided that it's time to start my recovery. And the first step was to cut almost half of it an leave only the healthy part.

I can not express how important it is to continuously trim your hair. That way you ensure constant growth. With time you can get split ends. It may not bother you at first but what when they reach half of your hair? You will not be able to get rid of them only with a trim. Just like that, you have lost most of the hair.

Recently I did a blood test and the results came out perfect. My iron is really high as everything else so my only guess is that I did not take good care of it. It took me a long time to be ok with the idea of having short hair but this is only the beginning. I only hope with time and often trims it will get a bit thicker because I do want it longer.

Mini series: Introducing me

More fun facts about me:

1. I used to get car sick on any car ride longer than an hour.

2. I don't think I have spent more than ten hours in my life properly studying English.

3. I am scared of getting manipulated by a clinically diagnosed psychopath.

4. I can't look underwater anymore.

5. Once I spent my evening pleading my grandpa to give me some money to buy a guitar. He gave me euros so my dad said he will go convert it into kuna. I have never gotten my guitar. Apparently he has spent it on beer.

6. I have several weirdly placed birthmarks.

7. For the longest time no one knew what my horoscope sign is since I was born on the last day of Gemini and first day of Cancer.

8. I used to do my older sister's math homework about two years before I started school. I don't think my teacher liked that I knew everything already.

9. I cry when nurses stab me with a needle.

10. My balloon obsession caused me to slam my nose sideways on a wooden coffee table. There was a pool of blood.


Mini series: Thanks for the tip

If you are a lover of healthy living and exercising, like I am, than take a minute to read this.
Being a beginner,you are probably experiencing some bad case of sore muscles. I am very familiar with those since I do give up on working out easily and go long periods without doing a thing. But, that is where I go and say 'I just may make your life easier'.

Tip numero uno! Recently I came across an article on what else can vinegar be used for in your home other than a salad. You would be amazed just how useful that stinky thing is. But one thing that I found interesting is that it reduces soreness. While taking a nice relaxing bath, add a bit of a vinegar into the water. You should be able to exit that bathroom pain-free.

Tip numero dos! Another way to reduce sore muscles is to eat an orange. I did read over this very briefly so I might not be right. It sounds strange to me too. If you have an orange before you workout, supposedly it will help with the pain. But even if it doesn't, at least it will keep you hydrated. Remember, drink enough water so you don't pass out.

So do these work?


Mini series: A day to look fabulous

I call this weekend to be the time for you to look cosy but still amazing. The simplest outfit can be lifted with some other interesting pieces.
Simple grey baggy sweater combined with loose, light blue jeans will definitely make you feel super comfortable. Jeans are also ripped which makes them look a bit more high-end and are not too tight to cut off you circulation. In case it is cold outside you can always wear skin coloured leggings underneath to keep you warm.

To make this look a bit more interesting, add a cute beanie, preferably the one that half hangs off your head and has a huge pom pom ~ personal favourite. Also match a plaid button up shirt and tie it around your waist to give you more of that street look. And to finish it off wear your favourite shoes that don't have to be the same colour as the rest of the outfit. You can keep them a basic black colour. Shoes are what determines how you feel after a long day of walking. Choose wise!


Mini series: Hairy situations

If you want to have healthier hair you have to treat it right. Woman from the Philippines are known to have amazing, thick hair. A mane should we say.

One thing they use is Aloe Vera gel right out of the plant leaf. Aloe Vera is very beneficial for our bodies since it's rich with many vitamins and minerals. It is also capable to absorb into three layers of skin, nurturing it deeply.

Today I decided to try this out. Knowing about the benefits of Aloe Vera, I thought why not use the raw, unprocessed medicine straight out of it's resource. So I went and bought myself an Aloe Vera plant. Before washing my hair I rubbed the gel you find inside of the leaf onto my scalp and left it for about thirty minutes. I then washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner. It was really easy to wash the gel off. One thing I have to say is that I haven't had an itch the whole day, unlike the other times I washed my hair before.

You can also use the gel to combine it with some other hair masks you like. I definitely will watch over my Aloe Vera plant like a hawk making sure it doesn't die. Slowly there will be a lot more of them giving me a lifetime supply of it's gel.


Mini series: Introducing me

Hello there! Here are some more fun facts for you to get to know me better. Enjoy!

1. I have always been slightly obsessed with anything orange flavoured or scented. My dad has probably spent small fortune to feed me all the tangerines.

2. Growing up,my nose used to bleed ALL the time.

3. I will be finished with college before my older sister. And no, she didn't fail a year.

4. My great-grandma almost suffocated me at the moment she died…I was a baby.

5. I have been passing out since about the age of ten.

6. I do NOT like cooked vegetable.

7. Before I stopped writing songs,there was only one song I was actually proud of but it was for a friend and I regret not making a copy.

8. I was not able to say the letter 'r' when I was little in Croatian.

9. I have never liked playing with barbies all that much. I preferred baby dolls.

10. I'm currently in bed cuddling with one of my giant stuffed teddies. Wouldn't mind even bigger one.


Mini series: Thanks for the tip

With so many options out there, it's hard to find the best hair removal product. All of them have their benefits and flaws, so I guess it's best to go for the one that annoys you least.

Personally I alternate between shaving and using sugar paste also known as Egyptian hair removal. Why do I use it? One of the things I don't like about waxing is having to use strips. During the process of removing hairs my hands get so oily and sticky that it's hard to just work with it. Also, wax gets cold so after some time I have to waddle to the kitchen to heat it up again. With sugar paste you only work with a small caramel ball and are not required to touch anything else. What I love about it is that it does pull out the hair in the arm pit area,which I couldn't do with wax.

This paste is also nice because you can make it at home. You only need lemon, sugar, water and maybe honey. There are many recipes you can check out with different ratios of ingredients. I'd give you a recipe but I only managed to make it right once, the first time I did it, and after that I never made it right again. That's why I buy it in a store. It's by Cleopatra and it's pretty good.

However, there are some flaws to this. If you buy it in a store you will get it in container. And once you open it, especially if it's winter, you will notice that it is a heck of a workout to get it out. Another thing is that you can't use it during summer since the paste gets to sticky and melted and your hands get sweaty which results in paste not sticking to the skin. Unless you have a really cold indoor space then that's another story.

I am trying to find something better to use. I've been wanting to try out those strips that already have wax on or something similar, but I feel they are a bit pricey for the amount you get. So if you have any recommendation do notify me in a comments. I'm in need of a help!


Mini series: A day to look fabulous

Cold days are coming but is it a must to not wear anything short? I say not.
Personally, I love high waisted skirts such as this one and I believe I will soon purchase it also. Wearing leggings underneath or densely knitted tights should hopefully be a way to stop the frostbite. The dress shirt makes this outfit more sophisticated but still interesting enough with the bow for us young people not wanting to look boring. I went with mostly plain basic colours adding burgundy since it is Autumn and that one suits the weather perfectly. Plus, if you love wearing dark lipstick it will be a perfect match.
The coat is a light pastel colour and it's quite baggy so you can feel cosy and comfortable. What I like about it is that it reminds me of older times where women have worn clothes similar to men's. It may not be the first match to the colour of the skirt but I wanted the contrast that's not so typical. I also added flat black boots since I'm completely useless in heels, as I'm sure many of you are. These are also more comfortable if you're out all day walking.
There are not many accessories except for the scarf matching the skirt and being a fighter against the cold, and this bag that is coming back. I absolutely love this type of bag since the weight is spread on both of the shoulders so you shouldn't end up walking like one of your legs is shorter.

The complete outfit really reminds me of all the times you want to snuggle by the fireplace at night. It might not be the perfect idea to wear if it's really cold but it does look amazing. All these clothes I've found on Polyvore.com and are available to buy. Also they're not that expensive which is what we all look for.


Mini series: Hairy situations

I'd imagine there are plenty of you struggling with your hair. Welcome to the club! One of the main things I decided to do, after finishing my education, is to focus on this part of me I like to call a few pieces of feathers.

I don't particularly think there is a big problem there. It's more of a noticeable change over the past couple of years. It just feels like it's not where it could or should be, which I'm not even completely sure about. I do wish I had more hair follicles on my scalp, and I do think it was thicker when I was younger so I'm not sure if it's even a possibility to thicken it again. Most likely not. Most likely I'm forever stuck with a shoulder length haircut.

That is why I decided to concentrate on just getting it healthy, at least. Last night I used coconut milk oil mask that I myself extracted out of the coconut fruit. I applied it onto my scalp with dry hair, did a small scalp massage to get the circulation going and then also applied it on the rest of my hair. I left it on for the rest of the night using plastic bag that I wrapped around my head, or you can use a shower cap, and just in case I put clean towel over my pillow. If you worry about having oily hair afterwards, as the coconut fruit is quite oily, it is very easy to wash off with a shampoo and a conditioner. I used just random ones and I did shampoo my hair twice since I was told that conditioner does add up some oil that I didn't want to double up.

The results were quite nice! My hair was really soft afterwards and easy to comb trough. I also noticed that my scalp doesn't itch as it usually does after the washing, could be because coconut oil has the capability to get into the follicle and deeply nurture it.

I encourage you to try coconut hair masks if you are dealing with any scalp problem. Let me know your experience!


Mini series: Introducing me

1. I like being awake in the morning just when the sun is rising.

2. If during the day I get an episode of tiredness I will become still and shut up. Usually people think I'm sad.

3. I don't feel comfortable being touched so if I let you hug me for more than 5 sec it means I like you.

4. It should be easy to get me to do something for food.

5. My worst nightmare would be if someone would set me up with a guy. I don't like being pressured into a friendship and it takes me a long time to judge a person to see if I can let them into my bubble.

6. I'm fascinated with bubbles and balloons.

7. I have a fear of being judged as a young woman.

8. I despise making a phone call.It literally takes me half an hour to get the courage to call someone.

9. I very easily pick up someones bad energy.

10. I can be very blunt which usually causes awkward situations or it makes me sound rude.


Mini series: Thanks for the tip

The winter is just around the corner and already I feel that my hands are getting dry. Reminiscing to my previous experience this is the only product that was able to get rid of the redness and rough skin so I feel comfortable recommending it to everyone else who may not be aware of it.
It basically is some kind of fat, plant based I think. But if you have any kind of skin problem: acne, burns, scars ~ give melem a chance and see for yourself if it's worth it.

I know for some melem may be a bit expensive, however it does last quite long. Check their WEB SITE to see where about they deliver.

*This is not a sponsored post, it's a genuine recommendation of a product I like.