About Me

My name is Andrea Benc, read as Benz. I am 21 years old and also from a somewhat small but known country Croatia. I am a lover of everything fashion & beauty & fitness, as of recently, related.

As the result of constant reading and researching all things about Beauty and Style and Make up, most of it leading me to different blogs, I started liking the community more and more. Deciding it is time to start something new and exciting as I was fresh out of high school, in September 2013 I joined in and created my own blog.

I decided it would be best to just write about the things I know and like that could also help someone else. That including beauty tips as I am feeling pretty content with my skin after the process of going trough puberty and I feel like I can share some knowledge on what to and not to do to get the best results. Also there are blog post on fashion inspiration and some on personal issues that someone could relate to.

Never have I thought I would get much readers. Just imagine how shocked I am every time the number grows. I thank you all for even bothering to see what I am all about and those few who leave a lovely comment. The support among the members of this community, and those who only come to read, is wonderful and it inspires me to put out even more content.