Kitchen build-up

          Well hello everybody! Over the past months I collected some new bits for my future, hopefully soon-to-be-owned kitchen, and I am extremely exited to show them off. I have a thing for kitchen utensils and supplies so it is very hard to walk past something so cheap and cute without buying it. And why not be prepared in advance?

          First thing on the list is this gorgeous cereal bowl. The colour is pastel pink and it looks like one of those ceramic pots used for cooking…but it is not. It has small handles on each side that make it even more unique, which I like. I am not sure what the engravings are, I never really bothered to read them…hopefully will not be a problem to wash. I got this bowl in a local store for the price of around 1 EUR.

          Thanks to my mother, I, now, own this wonderful baking tray. It is ceramic and has blue polka dots all around with a lovely rose arrangement on both sides. Another thing is, it is a mini version for one meal only so I can bring it with me whenever I move out and will be living by myself again. This tray was bought on sale in a supermarket called Interspar for about 4 EUR.

          This milk bottle is also from Interspar and on sale was around 3 EUR. For the longest time I tried to find a real glass milk bottle and I had my eye on another one but I did not really like the design on it. Thankfully my mother saw this one on sale and decided to surprise me with it after who knows how many times I said I wanted one. I absolutely love it.

          I call these twins espresso cups. As usual they were bought on sale. I am not sure about the price but I do remember they were ridiculously cheap. I guess I do kind of like the cliche stuff, the design being coffee themed. Even though I do not drink coffee in any form, I want to have nice cups for any guest I might have. Recently I found identical ones in larger size and was tempted to get them too, but I felt like that would be too much.

          The last item I now proudly own is this pastel pink cup. Some of you may recognise it, it is after all from Ikea, that is now opened in my hometown, finally. I love the colour and the design of it and I also wish I could find one in pastel blue. The size is perfect for a dose of hot chocolate with cream on top on a lazy day while snuggled in blankets, but since I got it just after I started taking control of my diet and eating healthy…it will most likely have to be used for an alternative smoothie.