5 ways to keep your skin healthy

Growing up most of us struggle with keeping our skin healthy at some point. Having inflamed acne, scars, bumps, dry patches or any blemishes is never pleasant. Even though certain things, such as our hormones, can not be influenced without paying a visit to a doctor, there are still so much you can do to prevent your skin from giving you headaches.

Here are some tips I use myself:

1. Water
Drinking lots of water keeps your body hydrated and your skin moisturised. There are a lot of moisturisers out there for you to use but they alone will not help you much. Think of it like this: a plant needs water ~ it gets water through the roots ~ if you only wet the leaves they will become old and wrinkly, like your skin. Your inside is your root so drink plenty of water to stop your skin from drying out.

2. Aggressive cleansing
I see a lot of people use scrubs or those rotating devices to take the dead skin off. I, personally, do find exfoliation important. However, using such aggressive methods can be damaging to your skin rather than helpful. Instead, opt for a gentle scrub or make your own using sugar as it is a natural source of glycolic acid which moisturises the skin and protects it from toxins.

3. NO hands
Honestly, this is what I struggle with the most. Picking at your skin is a huge no-no! Not only can you cause scabs and long lasting scars, your hands carry a whole lot of bacteria that can get into pores or blood through one of the open wounds and can cause a major infection. If you feel like you have some dead skin bits use a gentle scrub to get them off.

4. Morning routine
This is a process of a bit of a morning pampering everyone should do. With the hectic lifestyles our skin needs every bit of help so it is very important to prepare it for the day. The most important products to include into your morning routine are body lotion, suncream, face moisturiser and eye cream. Whether it is winter or summer UV rays are present and should be prevented from infecting your skin. Also, you should start using eye cream if you are not, as the area around eyes is very thin and develops wrinkles early in life.

5. Junk food
Choosing a healthy lifestyle does not only reflect on your weight but also on your mental health AND your skin. If you noticed your skin acting up, check how much sweet, oily and processed food you eat because that might be the cause of it. I know it is so easy to go and buy a burger with french fries when you manage to find a break in your schedule. Though, it really is not that hard to replace the food you like with a healthy version you can make at home and bring with you.Why would you consume junk food if you do not want junk on your face?

Hopefully you find these tips useful. They are pretty common though there probably is someone who is just learning all the beauty hacks and is figuring out the effects of things. If I was in a position where my skin is not at its best, these are the ones I would appreciate to know of. To you, all the best luck with improving your skin and thanks for stopping by! If you know of any other proven tips leave them in the comments and I shall try them out! =)


My New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have a good one!
How many of you make resolutions every year? How long do you stick to them? I feel like New Year's resolutions are made mainly because of this 'new year, new me' belief, where we feel so excited and motivated to turn a new leaf and make good changes for ourselves, but are not really ready to make them. So we fail.
Personally, I do not usually make any resolutions. I do have personal goals I wish to achieve and after a bad last year, I am using this motivation to get out of the mindset I got stuck in and start doing things I feel like I am meant to be doing. So this is my 2016 plan:

Work on starting a career
I always struggled with the idea of finding a job, and being employed, and having a boss, and being restricted with time and to a place because of my job. This does not necessarily apply to every job. Mainly what is known as a 'student job' such as being a waitress. Without going into depth, I always strived to have a successful career and it scares me to 'waste' a period of my life on a job that will get me no where. I am looking for an entry level job in my field, which is audio engineering, simply because that is something I want to learn more about. Knowing I can not spend five more years unemployed while I start my own business, working in a creative field feels like it will not scare me off as everything else since I am used to being around productions.

Blog updating
Blogging has been hard for me. I never thought how much I would love it and how much I would fight to continue doing it. However, I need to learn how to blog at a certain time to be consistent but still be able to focus on my real life. This year I would love to be courageous enough to establish a working relationships with brands and see where I can go with this platform that I have. (And that's not me being a stuck up...thing, I promise)

Regarding the design of the blog, I really wish to change it's name ~ I could use your help with that *insert puppy eyes* ~ and match it with the URL address so it can be found easier. I will most likely design a new header once I have decided on a name, and I plan to introduce categories, including new Fitness category.

More interaction
Blogging community is such an amazing group of people that I can not cope with how lovely you all are! I love talking to you all during chats even though I did not really become friends with anyone. I can only blame myself for that because I know for a fact that I do not try hard enough to stay someones friend mainly because I feel like I am forcing someone to like me. So, I will try my best to talk to a lot of you and at least introduce myself so you can freely form an opinion about me. Hi there!

The famous 'I will lose weight'
I can say that last year I worked on getting myself into the mental state of living healthy. I started working out and testing my strenght and capability while exercising. I also have been eating healthy throughout the year and now I can say that I do not have any cravings and can easily say no to any bad food in front of me. This resolution came from noticing how much better I felt while eating lots of healthy food and from wishing to, after 21 years, take control over the way my body looks. This year I want to work on consistency of my exercises and their intensity to achieve the fitness level I want to be on.

There you go. Those are my main goals to achieve this year.
What are your New Year's resolutions if you even make them? I am rather curious.