New Year, Same Old Me

                               1.1. New Years Eve part 1

                               1.2. New Years Eve part 2

            1.3. The morning after

          Hello to you all!It has been a while and once again it is a new year.I still remember the day I started this blog and just how long I was staring at my computer screen trying to figure out how everything works.What a long time ago…not really.

          I really hope all of you had an amazing year and you achieved at least one of your goals.If not, you have a fresh start now so get motivated!

          Reflecting on the past year, I have to say that it has been ecstatic. I have learned so much about myself, figured out the things I have to do and what I can do and did things I never imagined myself do. Now it is a new chapter where I get to step out out of my shell even more and discover the things the world is giving me.Opportunities are all there!

         What you are probably most interested about is surely my blog.Now, no worries!I am currently planning out the next few posts for you to read.More things Beauty & Fashion & Fitness (as a new subject to discuss) to come!Last November I did daily blogging because I felt like I neglected all of you not posting frequently and wanted to let you see that I am getting back on track.As you see I spent the last month mainly working on my blog design and trying to get it to where I am happy with it.There were few things that irritated me but I managed to fix them somehow.
          Take a look and now you can clearly see all of my social media sites displayed in the side bar if you wish to follow me.Also I updated my about page and I added a contact page in case you wish to get in touch with me.The most noticeable thing is most likely my new header.I gave my best to personalise it so I designed it myself and I think it does represent me as a person quite well.One last small thing is the Facebook "Like" button at the end of each of my posts.Now you can easily like the content that left an impression on you.
          I am not the best with all these HTML stuff but I am trying to learn, so if you have any suggestions or advices for my blog, please do let me know.It is in my interest that you love the visual of it as much as the content.

          Lastly I wish you all a happy new year and lets get to work!

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