How to develop your own style

Sense of style is not something everyone was gifted with. Unfortunately. While it is important to be aware of your self presence I understand it is difficult and challenging to make it work if you do not know much about styling or are on a on a budget.

'It is a trial and error'
If you are like me and dislike trying on clothes while shopping ~ you should start LOVING it! That is the first mistake you can do when building up your wardrobe. There is no way for you to know how something looks on your body unless you try it on. Sometimes, what you think might look like a disaster could possibly fit you perfectly. This is also a way for you to try on clothes you would never think of getting and to get to know your body type. Trying out the clothes will also reduce the number of clothes you dislike once you get home.

'Shop smart'
Start thinking of your wardrobe as a cohesive collection of pieces that look good when combined. When shopping, think of the outfit you can wear with the new piece of clothes you buy. If it does not fit, do not buy it. I assume you are familiar with the frustration of standing in front of your closet not being able to match that cute shirt you just got.

'Don't force it'
I had to learn on my own that you can not force a style on yourself. You might be a fan of certain community such as hip hop or skateboarding, and following their style but you need to realise some clothes will compliment you and some will not!

'Style does not mean expensive'
First of all, if you have an average income but go and spend 100$ on jeans ~ I am sorry, but I do not understand you! You do not have to be rich to look like it. Stores such as thrift shops or even some cheaper chain stores are your friends in this case. There are a perfect option if you need to stock up on some basic, usually overpriced, items. Also, you are bound to find awesome clothes no other store has. Smart spending can get you a long way.

'Age appropriate'
How many times have you seen an older person dressed way too young? Or a young girl dressed way to serious? Mistakes like this happen all the time. Age, a career path and how you want to portray yourself is what you must keep in mind.
Teens are to make mistakes ~ do not force yourself to look older.
20's are to be fun and experimental ~ but do dress for the occasion.
30's are to embrace your mature side ~ allow yourself to look like a strong BOSS  lady.
40's and above is when you are a woman and should not look like a girl.

I will stop now. Can't bore you with too much text. :P
Any thoughts?

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