20 must have items in your 20's

Just entered 20's? By now you probably realised some essentials are needed. Whether those are self care products, fashion items or things you must have as a young adult. In hopes of helping you out, I decided to put together a list of things you should have once you are at this age.

Starting with beauty products. Your presence highly depends on your health and your skin is the mirror of it. Body/face moisturiser, eye and sun cream, concealor and foundations are your set of tools for a smooth, hydrated and bright looking skin. Eye cream is especially important as the area around your eyes is very thin and prone to wrinkles that you want to prevent not cure. Lessen the impact of UV rays with an SPF 30 and use makeup as a way of evening out your skin tone and hiding small blemishes.

Mistake many make is not caring properly of their hair. Hair is as important as your skin so always use a conditioner for a silky, easy manageable texture. Use oils such as castor and coconut oil, that promote hair growth, and heat protectants every time you apply heat to prevent any damage. What you should keep in your purse every time you go out is a small comb and a hair tie. If the wind is wild, putting your hair into a ponytail is a quick way to make it look presentable.

20's are also the time when you will need to impress some humans, especially when searching for a job ~ unless you are your own boss. It is ok to splurge some money on dressy pants and a shirt as you will now find yourself in situations where you will have to be "dressed for the occasion" and leave your 'casuals' at home. This also includes a nicely fitted black dress as a must have. For more comfort on busy days, have a good pair of stretchy pants that you can later combine with nude pair of heels for a night out.

Of the random bits to have are definitely a driving licence ~ even if you do not own a car ~ and a LinkedIn profile ~ nowadays highly used when searching for jobs. If you have not already, take the time to place all of your documents in one folder as you will be using them a lot. Another tip is to start a saving account ASAP. In a longterm, you will thank yourself for financially securing yourself if you get into a situation or will not have a large income when older. As a last thing, join a gym as you do not have PE classes anymore and that fat has to go out somehow.

That is all! Are you all set for your 20's? Leave a comment.

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  1. I loved this post :D
    btw, as I know you, look at your fashion chapter. do we need to go shopping? I don't think you own any of these haha