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Hi there!
As a new blogger it is always difficult to decide what to blog about about. Because many things interest me I want to have a place where I can share my thoughts, ideas and advices with all of you. At the moment, I do realise not many people read my blog nor do they know about its existence because I did start only yesterday. Hopefully that will change soon and there will be some new (blog) friendships ~ don't mean it in a creepy way of a lonely person trying to meet people online...really, I don't.

Being a 19 year old girl isn't easy. Trying to live my life, on my own and get into something professionally is hard work. Especially when you look like a 12 year old child. As I grew up and matured I realised the importance of the impression you leave on people. Somehow with that on my mind I started becoming more interested in fashion industry and  beauty products ~ which I thought I never would be since I always was a bit of a tomboy. 

Here are some beauty tips I got for you:

• Always make sure that you hydrate your skin. Not only face but your body also. I, personally, always was on good terms with NIVEA products. At the moment I am using Nivea Baby Soft Cream for face and body. And it is this one:

 • What makes me cringe is a pimple(s) covered with tons of makeup every single day. That is absolutely the worst thing you could do. Instead, invest in a toothpaste ~ yes, a toothpaste! It has to be plain white and you put it on the spot, leave it for a while and the redness is gone ~ tried it, it works. Let your skin breathe every once in a while.

• My hair is my weak point. It is short, thin, rare and just like feather. Everything you DO NOT want. That is why I use shampoo and lotion by Recept which I was advised by my hair stylist.

• Advice I wish I used religiously is to NOT, by any chance, rub your face with your hands. They are dirty with bacterias not needed on your face. Also, as I have read it makes your skin look older.

• Eat at least one portion of fruits every day. Seems stupid but it does help your skin. It gives your cheeks a bit of a rosy colour and your skin looks healthier. Add a bit of veggies in there too! 

That would be all, hope you enjoyed it!

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