New Beginnings

Hello lovelies!Greetings from the,very new to me,city of Ljubljana!

Here I am. On the first day of the rest of my life. And to think living on my own would be exciting ~ well I was quite wrong. While thinking of all this ideas about my future I must have forgotten just how much of a scaredy cat I really am. Yes, there was a pinch in my eye once I realised my parents will be leaving me here in about 5 min. They don't say 'there's no place like home' for nothing. You have the safety of your home, your parents to protect you and familiar surroundings. Leaving it all behind is hard but that is what I get for pushing myself into unknown like always. And like always it is too late too back out now.

The flat that I am renting is not that bad, it could be better equipped. However, the location and the stench are unpleasant. The house is located in very calm street that gets very dark at night and it freaks me out. Me being scared of dark just means I have to get home before sunset. And the stench. Thanks to the dog that is surely twice the size of me and his little lady poodle pal, the backyard and the staircase smells of a wet dog. And to top it of, the bear sized dog likes to run off if you are not careful and while he is on his little carefree walk he likes to attack other male dogs...why?..because he can not stand them.

It does seem like I am only complaining but that is because I did not go out yet. From what I have seen while arriving here is that Ljubljana is a very cute and old town which I quite fancy. It is very beautiful ~ even the backside of a horse's bum that was poking out of a trailer. I do hope I get to go sightseeing because I mean, look at this...

At the end of the day, here's to a new start ~ *raises an empty, still wrapped in newspapers, glass and mentally fills it with some sort of alcoholic beverage* *wink, wink*. Hopefully, life will become better, I might even find some new friends, maybe a job...who knows.

If you have similar experiences do not hesitate to comment. Also you can always write me an email if you need any help or advice with anything. If you have any ideas or want me to write about something specific leave a comment below.

That would be all for today, if you read this thank you so much!
I don't take credits for any of this photos..I don't have my camera so I had to use my friend Google.

p.s. There was a spider on my wall and now it's gone...don't know where it is but if it attacks my oranges there will be a problem!


  1. You're gonna own Ljubljana :D stay strong :)

  2. Thank you boo ;) My first comment!yeey...however,this ‘stay strong‘ make it seems as if I‘m depressed =P

  3. you're welcome :*
    well, you know what I meant :P