Weird humans of Croatia

          Hello! So the other day I thought I would write about the reasons you should visit Croatia. I saw a lot of people asking for advice on Twitter about certain places and it is the season of planning your holiday. But then a particular TV report flipped my mind around.

          Here are the things you would find weird about Croatian humans:

1. Going for a coffee is not what you expect
Apparently no one else uses the excuse to get together with friends over a coffee. However, here it includes a few hours of catching up and drinking free water because another round of beverage means more money to waste. And let me quote the guy in that TV report: "Why would you dress up on a Saturday morning to go sit at a coffee shop?"

2. We are paranoid about the wind (draft = propuh)
Yes, old people would probably yell at you if you went outside not covered up enough if the wind is blowing…or with wet hair. However, it is commonly used to get rid of a bad smell in your home. Just open a few windows.

3. Eating in public
Another abnormality! See we like to eat. Simple. Do not get surprised if you see a lot of people munching on something while on the move. Join us and embrace the jealousy of others whom have no spare money in their pocket!

4. Old people with personality disorder
It is common to see an old ladies SPRINTING to catch their bus or tram. However, the moment they step in you can see them crumbling under all the conditions they suddenly have with a mission to get you out of your seat. Watch out for that purse!

5. We wear slippers at home
What do you even mean? The floors are cold and sometimes dusty why would you want to walk in socks?
Quote: "We don't wear slippers. Disney characters do!"

6. Drying our laundry out in the sun
Yes this is normal. Why would we dry it inside when it is quicker dried under the sun. I mean…how the freak do you dry your clothes?

7. Quote: "Does anyone know why Croatians break glasses when they celebrate something?"
          Well, let me simplify it. Celebration includes alcohol most of the time. Conclusion is…they get drunk! No other way to say that…

8. Unusual love for grandmas
Grandmas are great! They feed us, babysit us, give us money…sometimes. They are everywhere and know everything and make our lives easier!

9. We drink tea only when sick
I can personally confirm that. Never liked tea. Mum used to make me drink it when I was ill, I had to pee every five minutes! But there are people who prefer it or are trying to loose weight so they drink green tea. I drink more chamomile tea now to get rid of my stomach pain.

          Hopefully this made your day. I could not stop laughing at some of the stuff people said about us. Weird nation, aren't we? Also this are what mostly came up during my search and I have to say…I do not understand some of it. Admit now…would you come here? Do you find this list weird? Have you heard something absurd about your culture? 

P. S. Might want to shop in a grocery store, not on a market. I have seen a report about merchants putting up a bigger price when they figured out someone was a tourist. (That person was in Dubrovnik)

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