Meet Fanni the stylist

Hello everybody!! A while ago I got in contact with a lovely girl named Fanni. So I though I would introduce you all to the wonderful work that she does.
As you may assume, she is a stylist in training and recently she created a profile on Polyvore where she shares her ideas with the world. That's why I decided to "steal" some of her creations and show them to you all!

Since we're in the winter season this is my favourite outfit so far. I‘m literally in love with this jacket ~ warm and cosy ~ can't do better. And combined with the scarf you can NOT be more in heaven! Another thing I like is the combination of baggy upper clothing item paired with skin tight leggings/jeans/...whatever, because it somehow makes me feel like my legs seem longer ~ even though that‘s completely untrue.

This is also really nice combination for cold days when you only wish to be warm and cosy. I love the earth colours here which I've been obsessing over recently. Also, I've been dying to get a jacket similar to this one but every single one I've tried on made me look absolutely ridiculous! ~ buuu jacket...now I have to suffer with this old coat. And of course, the big love of mine...a beanie! Can't have enough of them!

This is probably my personal favourite outfit! Ripped jeans and white T-shirt give the casual vibe and the shoes bring the whole outfit on higher level. So basically I would say this is perfect outfit to spend the whole day wearing it if you have a really busy day. You can do your daily activities...or go to work...or take a stroll around the city. Honestly, I can imagine myself wearing this pretty much every day to work in the future ~ when I actually have a job that is.

And lastly can I just say...the DRESS, the SHOES, the HAIR! Dead!! I really need a dress similar to this one, I don't need the shoes because I don't wish to die yet, and I really want to dye my hair red but there is so little of it I better not touch it...wouldn't be nice if I ended up bald.

I really hope you like this as much as I do. If you wish to contact Fanni, the creator of this outfits, I'll leave some links to her profiles.

          Thank you all for reading!

Fanni‘s twitter page: @1D_Fanni
         polyvore page: Fanni


  1. Hi Anchy :) I hope you don't mind me commenting here but I can't comment on Fanni's profile at Polyvore site.
    Hi Fanni. I wanted to say that I absolutely love this third outfit. I wish I could have this cause you really captured my style. Also, I like the last one but I'll probably never wear that cause I have major issues about my body. Never mind that....
    If you wanna, you can find me here:
    http://thisisallus.blogspot.com/ -- my life
    http://honeysroyaltynails.blogspot.com/ -- my nails
    http://www.bloglovin.com/feed -- me :)
    Keep up the good work :))

  2. Hello, It's me Fanni :) First of all I wanna say a massive thank you Anchy for making this article! I really appreciate it <3 I'm so happy that you guys liked my creations. It makes me confident :') so thank you and it's so good to hear that you are proud of me!! And yes, I keep chasing my dreams until i achieve my goals. Honey, thank you for the kind words I'm glad you liked them <3
    See you soon :)