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I believe I've expressed my love for interior design quite a few times...if not...I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGNING!! And that is why I decided to share some ideas of decorating your personal space on a low budget.

As everything, I believe your living area has to reflect who you are. Sometimes that's hard to achieve, whether you can't afford certain things you love or maybe you lack ideas ~ or you are stuck in an apartment you can't touch because you're renting it, like me (-_-).

Personally, my absolute favourite decorative products are scented candles. They might not be exactly cheap, especially the big fancy ones, but you can always get the cheap ones and put them in the candle holders you like. Using scented candles will also make whoever steps into your home, envious of the aroma. They are quite relaxing if I may say.

Pillows! Can't get enough of them! I own a few of them and I'm always on a hunt for more! Depending on how good you are with sewing try to get creative and make one yourself or ask someone for help. There are always some old rags or a blanket or jeans you can use to make a pillow case. After that you can honestly stuff your pillow with whatever, I would recommend a sponge or maybe cotton wool.

Another important thing in your living space is lightning! So why not decorate your old boring simple lights!? You can use your desk lamp, some wire and old shirts to make a lampshade. For the base use some coloured cardboard and make different cubes to put around it. Hopefully this photo inspires you ~ here's a better look.

=> If you'd like something not so drastic...but still drastic...you can spray paint one of your walls, put weird shaped shelves on it...play with it. You can also either hang, tape or nail a big old bed sheet on the wall. Sew some pockets on it and it's very practical to store cosmetics.

=> There is no need to explain how much trouble I have with small things I own but don't use every day. In the matter of hours they end up scattered on my desk which drives me absolutely nuts! A solution I have is to take a few shoe boxes and wrap them either with newspaper ~ cool print, small costs ~ magazines or get some knitted material in different colours. Stack them up and be wowed by the result!

=> To refresh your room you can also take some see trough glasses from your kitchen. If you have any old pullovers you want to throw away, cut the cuffs and wrap them around your glasses and maybe use a ribbon to wrap it around. Then you can use them as a candle holder or you can fill them with decorative pebbles.

Main thing is that you find a way to put the things you already have to a good use. Have you tried any diy projects like this already?

Hopefully this blog post inspired you in some way! Byy!


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    1. Thank you!!However I was already nominated for the Liebster award last month so I‘m not exactly sure if I can be nominated twice...but thank you anyway!