Pampering you say?

Howdy y'all! How're y'all doing? I had a wonderful lazy Friday, and I'm not complaining at all! It was exactly what I needed. A bit of a me time to spoil myself. The only thing missing is a hot bubble bath or a massage that I can't afford because I'm a student, but oh well!

I wanted to do a review on these Dove products that I got for Christmas ~ thanks mum ~ because I absolutely love them!

Let me tell you something first. I travel a lot with train so I don't like to carry a large suitcase. This time I took two duffel bags. However, they were heavy so I tried to take as less stuff as I could, meaning I left all my beauty products behind. I thought ~ that's ok, I'll just use my mum's. How wrong was I! My skin reacted awfully. My cheeks were red and really rough on touch and it got me soo worried! I normally use moisturising cream for my face which I didn't have so I tried using Dove's body lotion. The change was instant! I woke up feeling refreshed and my skin was really soft. This is the body lotion with almond cream and hibiscus for all skin types as is the shower gel. The deodorant is silk dry with 0 % of Alcohol and it smells soooo good! I could go on about it all day. Honest!

Not trying to advertise or anything but this is not the first time I was amazed by Dove products so I highly recommend at least trying it once because they're really good!

If I may say, today was exquisite with a bit of pampering. My face is a very touchy subject for me and I do admit I take care of it as a mommy dragon takes care of her baby. I also use Balea's 3 in 1 cleansing gel for washing, exfoliation and as a mask. It has a fruity smell and leaves you feeling refreshed. I'm not sure in which countries it is available but you can get it pretty cheap.

How do you take care of your skin? Which products do you think are the best? Let me know ~ always happy to get new advice.


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  2. Hii,thank you so much! I love your blog and I followed you on Bloglovin =)

  3. Always look forward to another post of yours. oddly enough I use some of the same products as you do. xoxo