Love the Rustic

Merry late Christmas everybody! How are your holidays? Mine consist of sleeping, watching Christmas movies, pigging out, baking cookies and repeating those again.

This Christmas I've been loving the idea of bringing a rustic vibe inside the house. It's easy to even make some decorations at home if you go out and find some good branches and bark. Just add some colorful details as well. If you use real Christmas tree, then you already are familiar with the scent left in the room, adding to the overall atmosphere. Christmas tree is the most grateful object to work with since you have so many possible ways of going about it.

You may know that, as of this October, I live on my own. However, I‘m only renting the apartment so I don‘t really have a say in how it should look ~ what a shame. Also, I find it a bit dumb to buy stuff for it when I know that next year I‘ll be moving again. What I do know is that in the future I will be looking for a studio apartment with brick walls indoors and large windows ~ like the picture above. It will have to have a cosy vibe and wooden details which I think work well to create the rustic look. Large old fashioned kitchen, big fluffy bed with lots of pillows and a fireplace would be a bonus.

Interiors styled like this always leave me stunned. When watching those house buying shows where people look for old houses, I not so rarely feel jealous. I would so love to get the opportunity to decorate one of those!
What are your thoughts about old fashioned homes? Do you enjoy decorating and what is your personal style?

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hello! I'm Whitney and I have nominated you for the Liebester Award check it out on my blog! :-)

    1. Geesh you have almost made me choke when I‘ve read the word nominated...I got scared! =P But thank you! <3