Feathers fashion trend

Hello lovelies! I have been loving the feather accessories trend lately. Like the earrings and necklaces and hair pieces ~ my hipster self is saying "hi!". Feathers have found their way into the fashion world as interesting details on a piece of clothing or shoes and I always feel like they manage to lift up that the overall look of it.

Finding the inspiration in Native American culture I also fell in love with the necklaces and hair accessories decorated with feathers. The earth colours are currently my favourite.

Above all, my absolute favourite feather accessory has to be feather hair pieces. I love how they blend in with the hair and don't look awkward. Also it's great if you're not a fan of having anything put in your hair for a longer period of time, you can always use feather earrings. It might not be the same but if you let your hair down and mess it up a bit, the earrings will just blend in!

Adding to my previous blog post, where I declared myself as a biker bad ass ~ only in my weird mind though ~ I have to address a certain subject. Tattoos! How I love them! Besides the doves tattoo design, I have a wish to get the dream catcher tattooed on my ribcage in earth colours. I know I'm a wuss but one can dream right?

I DO NOT SUPPORT TREATING ANIMALS BADLY IN FAVOUR OF FASHION! It is not that hard to make a fake feather, and they look just as the real ones.
P.S. I just remembered one instance when we had a little birdy called Kiki our little dog managed to catch him with his mouth, yes he had the whole bird inside his mouth ~ not chewing him though ~ but Kiki escaped...only without his pretty tail. And that was just weird.

So let's all be fashionable and animal friendly!

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  1. I'm loving the picture with hair extensions and, my personal favorite, earrings. The only thing I can say now is: SHOPPING!!!! :D
    I also absolutely love the fact that you pointed out animal abuse and I can't agree with you more. These days you can find everything you want from some fake materials.