Random mini shopping haul

Hello lovely people! Inspired by the sun shining upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to take a walk around the city centre today. A store here and a store there and I did find myself some bits. So I thought I would share with you the experience, the anecdotes and the final result of that day.

Since I remember, I've been obsessing over hair buns. Mainly because there is no way for me to create one with how little hair I have. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so what do I do? I go and buy a bun scrunchie. This is actually the first time I tried it and I admit I probably lost half off my hair during the process of making the bun. I‘m still not sure if the scrunchie is visible or not because I can feel it but on the picture it looks normal....your thoughts? Btw this ridiculous picture is the result od acumulated mess in the corner that had to be cropped out.

The name of the store I went to is H&M. While on my adventure, I discovered the 3rd floor of the store that basically has all the cool designed clothes. Batman shirts, cool graphic shirts, denim jackets, all that stuff. You know I was in heaven! Even though I'm changing my style I did buy a really nice, simple but interesting sweatshirt, perfect for spring and lazy days.

And I have to tell you the anecdote that happend. So I was in this store called Müller just looking around when suddenly this lady comes up to me to help her look for the price of some foundation product. And that's ok, I don't mind helping people. BUT...then she started to tell me about all the good products she uses, how she's 70 and looks younger. She was trying to tell me something about stomach peeling gel, how great it is, but was so bad at English I was just there standing trying to look interested and not to laugh. And I wasn't meant to be rude or anything because she was really nice, saying: "You're very beautiful young girl, I just want to help you. I know a lot about cosmetics." Basically I just found her interesting cause she was like a happy/jumpy ball and she literally made my day, so thank her!

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