Mini series: Introducing me

Hello there! Here are some more fun facts for you to get to know me better. Enjoy!

1. I have always been slightly obsessed with anything orange flavoured or scented. My dad has probably spent small fortune to feed me all the tangerines.

2. Growing up,my nose used to bleed ALL the time.

3. I will be finished with college before my older sister. And no, she didn't fail a year.

4. My great-grandma almost suffocated me at the moment she died…I was a baby.

5. I have been passing out since about the age of ten.

6. I do NOT like cooked vegetable.

7. Before I stopped writing songs,there was only one song I was actually proud of but it was for a friend and I regret not making a copy.

8. I was not able to say the letter 'r' when I was little in Croatian.

9. I have never liked playing with barbies all that much. I preferred baby dolls.

10. I'm currently in bed cuddling with one of my giant stuffed teddies. Wouldn't mind even bigger one.

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