Mini series: Thanks for the tip

With so many options out there, it's hard to find the best hair removal product. All of them have their benefits and flaws, so I guess it's best to go for the one that annoys you least.

Personally I alternate between shaving and using sugar paste also known as Egyptian hair removal. Why do I use it? One of the things I don't like about waxing is having to use strips. During the process of removing hairs my hands get so oily and sticky that it's hard to just work with it. Also, wax gets cold so after some time I have to waddle to the kitchen to heat it up again. With sugar paste you only work with a small caramel ball and are not required to touch anything else. What I love about it is that it does pull out the hair in the arm pit area,which I couldn't do with wax.

This paste is also nice because you can make it at home. You only need lemon, sugar, water and maybe honey. There are many recipes you can check out with different ratios of ingredients. I'd give you a recipe but I only managed to make it right once, the first time I did it, and after that I never made it right again. That's why I buy it in a store. It's by Cleopatra and it's pretty good.

However, there are some flaws to this. If you buy it in a store you will get it in container. And once you open it, especially if it's winter, you will notice that it is a heck of a workout to get it out. Another thing is that you can't use it during summer since the paste gets to sticky and melted and your hands get sweaty which results in paste not sticking to the skin. Unless you have a really cold indoor space then that's another story.

I am trying to find something better to use. I've been wanting to try out those strips that already have wax on or something similar, but I feel they are a bit pricey for the amount you get. So if you have any recommendation do notify me in a comments. I'm in need of a help!

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