Mini series: Introducing me

More fun facts about me:

1. I used to get car sick on any car ride longer than an hour.

2. I don't think I have spent more than ten hours in my life properly studying English.

3. I am scared of getting manipulated by a clinically diagnosed psychopath.

4. I can't look underwater anymore.

5. Once I spent my evening pleading my grandpa to give me some money to buy a guitar. He gave me euros so my dad said he will go convert it into kuna. I have never gotten my guitar. Apparently he has spent it on beer.

6. I have several weirdly placed birthmarks.

7. For the longest time no one knew what my horoscope sign is since I was born on the last day of Gemini and first day of Cancer.

8. I used to do my older sister's math homework about two years before I started school. I don't think my teacher liked that I knew everything already.

9. I cry when nurses stab me with a needle.

10. My balloon obsession caused me to slam my nose sideways on a wooden coffee table. There was a pool of blood.

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