Mini series: Introducing me

Last round of fun facts:

1. I am the worst person to be getting a massage,it tickles the heck out of me.

2. In the somewhat near future I want to invest in a smaller castle.

3. I never liked the nannies at my kindergarten. Once they left me strapped in a swing while they went to do something inside so the kids pushed the swing so high I started crying and my sister had to make them stop and help me off. I was then so dizzy she had to drag me to sit down and calm me down. She used to love me then.

4. I used to hate eating spinach until one day I ate the whole bowl of it.

5. I have never in my live been to the zoo or went ice skating.

6. I used to be able to put both my legs behind my head. My dad called me a gummy child.

7. I love Shakespeare because I was born on Midsummer Night. I have never seen a firefox though.

8. Every plant I have ever owned died, yes even my cactus.

9. When I was a baby, my sister never let me sleep. She always had to touch me or stare at me. Quite a creeper that one was.

10. I do not really like people kissing my cheeks especially because they get surprised how they are so soft. They are chubby, it's embarrassing, leave me alone…please.

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