Mini series: Thanks for the tip

If your nails are the annoying yellow colour there is a solution for it. Again, being a lover of natural, home made remedies, I introduce you to the lemon juice miracle worker!

If you want to get your nails to be that pearly white colour and make everyone else envy you then keep reading. Take one lemon and squeeze it's juice into a more wide and shallow container. Then, stick your fingers inside the lemon juice and keep it that way for about five minutes. I do not guarantee your nails will be white after the first time since I did not try this myself yet. Make sure you have enough juice to cover your nails and please do NOT try this if you have any wounds on your fingers!

P.S. "Smell nice"bonus tip: If you are out of your favourite fragrance take an orange peel and spray some of it's fluid onto your neck. Impressive scent guarantied!

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