Mini series: Introducing me

1. I like being awake in the morning just when the sun is rising.

2. If during the day I get an episode of tiredness I will become still and shut up. Usually people think I'm sad.

3. I don't feel comfortable being touched so if I let you hug me for more than 5 sec it means I like you.

4. It should be easy to get me to do something for food.

5. My worst nightmare would be if someone would set me up with a guy. I don't like being pressured into a friendship and it takes me a long time to judge a person to see if I can let them into my bubble.

6. I'm fascinated with bubbles and balloons.

7. I have a fear of being judged as a young woman.

8. I despise making a phone call.It literally takes me half an hour to get the courage to call someone.

9. I very easily pick up someones bad energy.

10. I can be very blunt which usually causes awkward situations or it makes me sound rude.

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