Mini series: Hairy situations

I'd imagine there are plenty of you struggling with your hair. Welcome to the club! One of the main things I decided to do, after finishing my education, is to focus on this part of me I like to call a few pieces of feathers.

I don't particularly think there is a big problem there. It's more of a noticeable change over the past couple of years. It just feels like it's not where it could or should be, which I'm not even completely sure about. I do wish I had more hair follicles on my scalp, and I do think it was thicker when I was younger so I'm not sure if it's even a possibility to thicken it again. Most likely not. Most likely I'm forever stuck with a shoulder length haircut.

That is why I decided to concentrate on just getting it healthy, at least. Last night I used coconut milk oil mask that I myself extracted out of the coconut fruit. I applied it onto my scalp with dry hair, did a small scalp massage to get the circulation going and then also applied it on the rest of my hair. I left it on for the rest of the night using plastic bag that I wrapped around my head, or you can use a shower cap, and just in case I put clean towel over my pillow. If you worry about having oily hair afterwards, as the coconut fruit is quite oily, it is very easy to wash off with a shampoo and a conditioner. I used just random ones and I did shampoo my hair twice since I was told that conditioner does add up some oil that I didn't want to double up.

The results were quite nice! My hair was really soft afterwards and easy to comb trough. I also noticed that my scalp doesn't itch as it usually does after the washing, could be because coconut oil has the capability to get into the follicle and deeply nurture it.

I encourage you to try coconut hair masks if you are dealing with any scalp problem. Let me know your experience!

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