Interviews & jobs & mornings…be prepared

          Hi to you all! How has your day been so far? I hope well!
These past few weeks, I have been getting very nervous. Anxious even. It is because I am facing the adult world. I thought I was prepared but…apparently not. Right now, I do not know what exactly I want to do, but I do know what kind of a person I want to be. It will be a rough journey and I hope I make the right decisions.

          Nothing too serious today, hopefully helpful to some…I have a job interview in a couple of days and I think by writing this it will give me some time to mentally prepare for it.

          1.What to wear for a job interview?
Putting together your outfit for this occasion can be a simple task. Or it can cost you a job. We all want to represent ourselves trough our clothing so it is not likely all of us own a suit and pencil skirts. Those, however, are something you would wear if you are applying for a job at an important business company. Well, what if you are an artistic person like I am? Sure, those graphic t-shirts will not work. They are mostly worn while working but an interview requires more effort. One item that always brings up your outfit is a blazer. Combine in with a button-up, some jeans and boots and you are good to go. You are not looking too serious, and you still have a dose of creativity showing in a classy way. If you are opting for a dress, make sure it is not too revealing and goes just above your knees. With it wear leggings, if you would like, and some boots in the colour of leggings. Another option is to wear a jumpsuit. Lately, I have been slightly obsessed with them because some are really good. If you find the right one it will compliment your figure, you will be comfortable and with that you will have one less worry during that stressful day.

          2.Important bits and pieces to bring.
Being a woman allows you to carry around a purse the size of a continent. Do not go overboard, though! This is a part where you want to impress your future boss so you want to think ahead and be prepared in case of any emergencies. Here is what could be useful:
•gum or mints
•water bottle
•a pack of tissues
•make-up essentials
•a pen
•a deodorant or a perfume
•tweezers (hey, maybe their toilet lightning is better and you notice an unwanted stray hair..)

          3.Morning of the interview.
This starts the night before. Have a good night sleep. Even though you can live on four hour sleep, you want to look fresh and well rested. Eyes tell everything! Now leave a good amount of time to do all you need to. Get up early so you are not stressing and running around like you lost your head. Take a shower and make sure to have breakfast. There is nothing worse than standing in a bus next to a person that only had a cup of coffee and did not brush their teeth. And that is not how you want to smell in front of your employer. Also if you have sudden break-outs right in the middle of your forehead this is the time where you can sit with a toothpaste to sooth the redness. After that, get ready…do your make up and check you have all you need with you. And you are ready to go!

          That is all!Thank you all for reading!Hope you found it helpful! =)

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