Woolly knitwear lovin'

          Hey there munchkins! I report to you from a, not so sunny or warm, balcony/terrace, anymore. After a nice satisfying lunch I realised it would make me happy to blog from here. Even though I am on my phone…it is interesting.

          I know it is spring now, getting closer to summer, but I figured I have not yet talked to you about a particular love of mine. So let me put the season aside as it is quite chilly still and honestly...I like to talk about things when it is not a proper time. Introducing to you all the goodies called sweaters! I do not know what it is but something about knitted materials attracts me like a magnet. From clothes to blankets to pillow cases to sofa covers, oh. ( "It's so fluffy!" )

          Winter wonderland
I feel like winter is everyone's favourite season to bundle up in layers of warmth and coziness. From experience I am the first one to say that it is a struggle to put those layers on and not feel squished. So it is nice to have a go to pullover that will keep you warm and still stylish. What an amount of choosing these days, wow.

         Summer land
Not very often do you get to wear knitwear during summer. Still, there are some good occasions to trow them on. It is the season of festivals, hint Coachella, going to the beach and an occasional rainy day. I just love when the weather allows me to wear an item that contradicts the season. It makes me so happy about myself for whatever reason. So I always anticipate a colder summer day or night to snuggle in a cosy pullover.

          Lazy(land) day
Yes I had to insert land here too.

There is absolutely no need to explain why this is the perfect opportunity to tackle your closet and pull out that huge overly-sized-for-no-reason pullover that I know you have. Chances are, if you are wasting your time reading this right now, you are snuggled with a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket…yes/no? I feel like this is a situation where you can get away with having a ridiculously loose shirt that keeps falling off and feel no shame. What could be more comfortable than a knee length shirt with fuzzy socks?

That would be the end of this post! Thank you for reading, leave a comment and have a nice day! ( no shame xP )