Letter to myself: Dear Future Me

Dear Andrea,

          I hope you are well and in a great place right now. Things were not going as you wished for them to and I understand that it brought some anxiety to your life. However, I know that at some point you will put a stop to it and have your wining streak. I have high expectations of you because I know you are a strong and wise person. So listed below are the main things I wish for you to accomplish.

          You always said 'there is no chance I will ever be someones employee, I will be the one bossing around' and I support you in that. I hope you have your stationery brand developed and running, that you are at least planing to launch a skincare line ~ you know how passionate you are about taking care of your skin ~ and lastly I wish you get a chance to do some house redecorating because I believe you are good at it. You have a designer and a business woman in you, use them. 

          This is what is bothering you. You can not decide whether you want to start working seriously and be able to afford occasional trips or you want to go exploring and change jobs as you go. Either way, you are young and will get to experience a lot. But do not be scared to pack up your bags and leave. If you can, take a chance to meet new culture and people.

          Do you still regret not getting into dance as a child? I still do not see how dance was never considered when choosing a sport to play. How oblivious was I? Though it is too late to take it professionally I wish you find a studio where you will get to learn even more dance styles and you enjoy yourself.

          You are getting there babe! Each day you learn more and more about being healthy and it will soon show. I hope you are where I want you to be and that you do not get dizzy every time you stand up when it is hot. I also hope you can kick some butt and are doing kick boxing and self defence to help you feel safe. And for goodness sake, you better have organised your meal plan.

          You know deep, deep down you have a passion for acting. You do get jealous looking at behind-the-scene videos of people having fun on set. You tried it, it did not work. But you did not learn a thing there anyway. This is something that requires coming out of your shell which I would like you to be more comfortable with. With music too. You can sing and love performing. You do not have to make it a career but have fun with it. Work on your skills whether it is your voice of playing an instrument…I expect to be acquainted with an electric guitar. So at least find a casting agency and be an extra or try doing commercials. It is not that scary.

          Hope you enjoyed me scolding myself! Have you ever wrote a letter to your future self, if so what is one thing you hope the most to accomplish?
P.S. Sorry for bad quality photo but I like my face in it. :D

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  1. Hi.
    First of all, this is cool thing to do. :]
    Career: you ll have to start somewhere. do not expect that you ll be the bos first day.
    Travel: as I got from your blog you don t like spending money. you won t be travelling.
    Dance: i don t know if you ll get this but just jump!
    bye bye