Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Review

          For the longest time I lived convinced that using foundation will clog my pores resulting in having bad skin later in life. Terrified, I refused to ever put foundation on my face, (cheers mom), and seeing my sister struggle with her skin made me feel like I'm doing the right thing. So to say, I turned to facial cleansing very early on in my life.

          I never really had any trouble with my skin, other than a few red tomatoes on my forehead. I felt kind of lucky in that way…up until the point I realised just how bad my skin tone is. I would see reflections of myself randomly and would mainly notice big dark circles under my eyes! Not to mention that I am usually very pale after winter. Understandably, I set my mind on finding a foundation substitute that would give me the same results without damaging my skin.

          Garnier BB Cream is all-in-one skin perfector, otherwise known as pigmented cream, that I have been using for quite some time now. It is rich with vitamin C and mineral pigments and has SPF 15 - UV protection. I got it in the light shade as I am still pale. I did try other brands but none matched my skin tone. Also I got it as a special edition that came with micellar water my mother wanted so we saved a bit of money there (what a bargain!).

          I am quite happy with the coverage this cream provides. It is not too rich with pigment which makes it perfect if you'd like to layer it. I normally put on one layer on the rest of my face and up to tree layers under my eyes. Knowing at the same time it hydrates your skin is very satisfying, confidence boosting. It is very light on my face and as a bonus it smells incredible.

          If you are considering a lighter option of foundation I definitely recommend getting a BB cream. Of course spend some time trying out different brands and shades as not every light or medium shade is the same with different brands.

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