My earliest memories

Seeing as my 'About' page is quite popular, it seems you lot like getting to know me. Since I already have four posts of fun facts ~ look for Introducing Me ~ I came up with something slightly different. I remember quite far into my childhood, surprisingly, and some memories are worth sharing. So, let's get the stories started.

Thinking of daycare, I vaguely remember number three. Every morning, they would call out our names and I have a memory of me always saying my age, three years old, or holding up three of my chubby fingers. Now, this does not make sense to me because I know I was in daycare for a short amount of time and was out probably around the age of five or six. So, two to three years seems a tad bit too long.

Adding to the daycare era. I have a horrible memory of me being on a swing. It was one of those you get strapped into so you do not fall out ~ BUT neither can you escape! So the nice lady that was supposed to look after me went inside to do who knows what while I was on that awful contraption. Then the, even nicer, kids thought it would be super fun to push me SUPER high while I scream my little heart out. While I was in tears, scared for my life, my sister had to stop the swing to get me out and away from the kids. I was so dizzy she had to sit me down on one of the half-walls to calm down. It resulted in me getting nauseous whenever I try to swing, even for a little while.

This next memory was actually photographed. One nice afternoon my mom and I were baking some cakes. On the photo you can see my mum and I smiling at each other and I remember that exact moment it was taken. I can picture looking into my mothers eyes trying to make her laugh.

When I was really young ~ I still had a crib ~ I got chicken pox. At one point I was standing in my crib holding onto the side looking at my parents in nothing but my underwear. For some reason they kept me almost in my birthday suit. Afterwards, I went to pee and scratched some of the poxes…they were itchy!

I am not sure when this happened but I claim it was around being three years old, even though it most likely was not. I just remember that I could walk at that time. A neighbour of ours was fixing one of our old TVs. To be honest, that TV never worked. So, one day my dad and I went to buy some bread and milk and on the way home we went to see if the TV is fixed. Funny fact is that the neighbour had a little daughter called Paula and that day I met my best friend!

These are just some of the random moments I remember. Hope you enjoyed them! Comment the earliest memory of yours and if you want more of posts like this! Have a nice day!

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