Schwarzkopf Omega Repair | Instant Repair Serum & BB Beauty Balm Review

Schwarzkopf product review
Some time ago I received a really nice birthday present from one of my best friends. It was the Schwarzkopf hair repair serum and balm for damaged hair. What a way to subtly say there is a bird nest on my head ~ not that I have enough for half of the nest xP.

OMEGA REPAIR Instant Repair Serum & Beauty Balm contain ULTIME-4-complex of pearl extract, panthenol, refined protein and keratin. Side info: panthenol is a B5 vitamin suitable to use on fine hair. It has the ability to go into your hair shaft and the root of your hair improving its elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility helping your hair strand thicken up to 10%. Also it promotes hair growth.

Schwarzkopf | Instant Repair Serum & BB Beauty Balm
The best result you get with this serum and balm is the silky, soft touch to your hair. Depending on your hair type you can struggle with it being knotty and dry after washing it. If that is the case I would definitely recommend using this as it is a quick solution to getting the hair you want without going though hours of using hair masks and oils.
However, I do have to say that I am not the biggest fan of the scent. I never did like the sweet fragrances so this does not surprise me. Nor does it bother me. When looking for products I focus on the benefits not  the scent.

Schwarzkopf | Instant Repair Serum

Schwarzkopf | BB Beauty Balm
Both products are very easy to use. You can either apply them on wet or dry hair, then leave them to do their magic. I usually use them when I do not feel like using my normal hair masks because even if I only wash my hair with a regular shampoo I can still have silky, shiny hair. Being obsessive over my hair condition, it is very important to me to have easy to comb and soft hair so I can prevent ripping it off as much as I can. Every strand is important in my case!

Hopefully you decide to give this products a try because they really are incredible. As I said, if you are struggling with your hair, these could come in handy. After all, it is all about trial and error and finding out what works best for you. 

If you have any tips on regrowing the hair, please share them with me, God knows I need help!
Thank you for reading!

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