5 Things I've Learned While Living Solo

5 Things I've Learned While Living Solo
I never was the person who wants to live with their parents for too long. Since forever, my goal was to move out and have a place to call my own. The time for that came when I was nineteen, and had to move for my studies. Even though everything was payed by my dearest father and I was not as independent as I felt like, it was a great learning experience worth sharing with you.

Cooking takes time
Whether you are home a lot or not, cooking could be a problem. I had my classes during lunch time so I relied on meals that are easy and quick to make. If the time is not something you have, consider trying out meal preparation. You basically take one day of the week and cook a bunch of nutritious food, portion it in smaller containers and place those into the fridge. You can also make some snacks this way to last you throughout the following days. Be careful the food you choose will not go bad too fast.

Cooking preparation
You are a ninja
You may be the 'World's Biggest Scaredy Cat' but once you have no one to save you and get rid of a strange mutant bug running around, your skills will get so sharp in order to avoid and remove it without having to touch it.

You are the boss around here
If you are a careful money spender, like myself, going to the store will be very satisfying. Finally, you are able to decide when to spend it and when to save some. I love being the one buying the food as it allows me to monitor how many nutritious groceries I get, while going with parents results in 3/4 of money being spent on the stuff you should not eat that often.

Landlords can be 'rude'
No matter where you are, if you are paying the rent, you have the right for privacy. My flat layout was made so my room doors were about tree meters away from the front doors. Imagine waking up to the sound of the front door unlocking ~ with you being the only one living in there ~ while you are still in your pajamas  and fearing someone will burst into your room ~ because they do have a key and you do not know what they are doing in your space. It is also very inappropriate of them to let other random people have the key to your flat without notifying you, only for them to use your washing room or the empty room as their storage. I don't know about you, but that does not sit well with me!

You will smell much nicer ;)
Because I was on my own, I did not have that much clothes to wash. So it would happen that I would wash a piece of clothing after wearing it only once, to have enough to fill up the washing machine. That, of course, resulted in me constantly smelling of clothes softener. Not that I complained.

Ornel - Clothes softener
These are just some of the perks/flaws of living alone. I could possibly think of more so there could be a follow up post. What do you like the most about having your own space? Do you miss anything?
Thank you for reading!


  1. Were you in an on-campus apartment or an apartment apartment when your landlord gave out your key?? Because I would have raised HELL over that. That is absolutely unacceptable. Why on earth should you ever be expected to allow complete strangers to come and go from your flat? Hell to the no.


    1. Just a regular apartment for a few people to share. There were 2 guys in charge of getting it finished at the beginning but months later I would hear them coming in just to use my bathroom or leave something in the other room.

  2. You do realise they have to give you 24 hours notice before entering your property because it's technically trespassing or something?
    These pointers are definitely true though, I love living in my own place though I do have to share with my boyfriend so it's not as tidy as I would like it (i say this as he's hoovering hahaha)

    - Arora xx