Decorate your Christmas tree | Gingerbread man idea

This holiday season has not been really nice for me, though after a whole year of feeling terrible, I am not surprised. I struggle with feeling festive and I did see a lot of people saying it comes with being an adult. I do not necessarily think that is the reason as I have not been one this year, to be honest. Most likely it is a side effect of a little 'early twenties crisis'.

Gingerbread man baking
However, I made it a point to have a bit of festivity on this blog of mine this year. Originally, this idea was for last week's post but delays happened. I understand if you already have your baubles ~ or ornaments, whichever you prefer ~ up on your tree but do not stress!...There is still time to replace those and use this gingerbread man cookies instead! *hashtag winky face* 

Gingerbread man icing
The idea came from wishing to have different ornaments this year. You know...originality and all. But one thing is for sure, Christmas ornaments are definitely overpriced and I am definitely broke! So I decided to make them myself and what could be better than gingerbread man cookies?

Gingerbread man
Honestly, it did take me quite a few hours to bake them. Mostly because I do get easily distracted so that slows me down. I did really enjoy the process. They are so easy to make and having all the spices aroma in the air really does give you the sense of Christmas being near. Also, I find baking very relaxing ~ when there is no one telling me how to do it mostly. I did not plan on posting a recipe for these cookies, but if you do wish one feel free to leave a comment.

Gingerbread man ornament
I find my cookies really nice this year. They turned out to look really cute and were not that difficult to decorate since I made my own icing. The buttons and the bow ties WERE supposed to be much darker colours ~ you know...red and green, the colours of the holiday. I also believe I got a sugar rush from the amount of the dough I tasted trying to get it off my hands and two of them did fall off the tree at one point. But not everything goes as planned, and I love it when it does not.

Christmas tree | Gingerbread man decoration
I can not wait to see photos of your trees. I know there will look wonderful! If you use this idea of  hanging at least one gingerbread man up on your tree please send me a photo I would love to see yours! What is your favourite Christmas activity? As this is the last post before Christmas:

I wish you a merry Christmas and lots of time spend with your loved ones wrapped in hugs and kisses!


  1. I loveee this! :D Even though it's after Christmas I'm thinkin of makin some gingerbread :P Thanks for the follow, I look forward to following you!

    1. Thank you! I wasn't really sure about the pictures.. You should definitely make some anyway! And thanks for the follow, hope I don't disappoint! xP