My New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have a good one!
How many of you make resolutions every year? How long do you stick to them? I feel like New Year's resolutions are made mainly because of this 'new year, new me' belief, where we feel so excited and motivated to turn a new leaf and make good changes for ourselves, but are not really ready to make them. So we fail.
Personally, I do not usually make any resolutions. I do have personal goals I wish to achieve and after a bad last year, I am using this motivation to get out of the mindset I got stuck in and start doing things I feel like I am meant to be doing. So this is my 2016 plan:

Work on starting a career
I always struggled with the idea of finding a job, and being employed, and having a boss, and being restricted with time and to a place because of my job. This does not necessarily apply to every job. Mainly what is known as a 'student job' such as being a waitress. Without going into depth, I always strived to have a successful career and it scares me to 'waste' a period of my life on a job that will get me no where. I am looking for an entry level job in my field, which is audio engineering, simply because that is something I want to learn more about. Knowing I can not spend five more years unemployed while I start my own business, working in a creative field feels like it will not scare me off as everything else since I am used to being around productions.

Blog updating
Blogging has been hard for me. I never thought how much I would love it and how much I would fight to continue doing it. However, I need to learn how to blog at a certain time to be consistent but still be able to focus on my real life. This year I would love to be courageous enough to establish a working relationships with brands and see where I can go with this platform that I have. (And that's not me being a stuck up...thing, I promise)

Regarding the design of the blog, I really wish to change it's name ~ I could use your help with that *insert puppy eyes* ~ and match it with the URL address so it can be found easier. I will most likely design a new header once I have decided on a name, and I plan to introduce categories, including new Fitness category.

More interaction
Blogging community is such an amazing group of people that I can not cope with how lovely you all are! I love talking to you all during chats even though I did not really become friends with anyone. I can only blame myself for that because I know for a fact that I do not try hard enough to stay someones friend mainly because I feel like I am forcing someone to like me. So, I will try my best to talk to a lot of you and at least introduce myself so you can freely form an opinion about me. Hi there!

The famous 'I will lose weight'
I can say that last year I worked on getting myself into the mental state of living healthy. I started working out and testing my strenght and capability while exercising. I also have been eating healthy throughout the year and now I can say that I do not have any cravings and can easily say no to any bad food in front of me. This resolution came from noticing how much better I felt while eating lots of healthy food and from wishing to, after 21 years, take control over the way my body looks. This year I want to work on consistency of my exercises and their intensity to achieve the fitness level I want to be on.

There you go. Those are my main goals to achieve this year.
What are your New Year's resolutions if you even make them? I am rather curious.

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