AMA‘s 2013 Favourite Red Carpet Looks

Hello everybody! As you may know, last Sunday were the AMA‘s. Unfortunately with the wonderful time difference ~ note the sarcasm, for me, it was kind of late when the show started. Trust me now, I did try to stay up and watch it but my bed was calling for me. However do want to share with you some of my favourite outfits from the red carpet.

Starting with Kylie Jenner as my personal favourite of the night. Kylie is showing a bit more mature and sexy look that suits her very well, although I would go for a different choice of shoes as these remind me of an old strict lady. Next, there is Maia Mitchell wearing nice fitting black dress with a really beautiful pattern on the back paired with black heels and black purse. Following has to be Brandi Cyrus as I am a huge fan of these type of dresses. And the zebra patterned shoes she is wearing bring up the whole look. Skylar Grey is wearing a casual almost every-day outfit but is stylish enough to wear at the big event. And my last female favourite is Miley Cyrus. Although, recently she has been getting bad press for the lack of clothing, this time she shows us that she can pull of a full-clothed-body look wearing a white suit with black shoes and no bra ~ luckily she is blessed with smaller chest.

On to the next, we have men‘s fashion. When talking about men I am quite a fan of blazers combined with skinny jeans/trousers/pants and shoes that complete the look. These young(ish) men did pull it off really well. Jesse McCartney wearing leather pants and quite interesting shoes, Jake Owen with goldish blazer ~ I think ~ and lastly, Jonathan Cheban with leather shirt combined with blue blazer and shoes, all seem to know how to make it all work.

Now, this post wouldn not be complete without me allowing my inner fangirl to comment on how good one of my dearest bands looked that night. This is only my opinion so if you have something against them I recommend not reading this bit. I am actually surprised with how they almost always manage to look lovely.

Of course, it is One Direction I am talking about. Personally I think the boys look pretty darn good in their coats/jackets. Also looking quite smart they bring a feel of London‘s fashion along with them.

That would be all, thank you for reading! If you want you can leave me a comment, that would be lovely!

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