October‘s Haul

Hello to everyone reading! Recently I have seen a lot of people writing haul posts or doing haul videos. So for this blogpost, I decided to show you a few things that I got last month.

The first item is a quite playful bag and I can say it does reflect my personality so of course I fell in love with it the first time I saw it ~ meaning over Skype because my dearest mother bought it for me on the local market for around 6 EUR.

These boots are officially my favourite, I wanted them for so long now. Interesting fact ~ I got them half an hour before I had to get on a train back to Ljubljana. Thankfully it was a quick buy. The store is called Planet obuca ~ sorry, it is a Croatian store and I apologise but I have no idea how much were they.

What would a haul be without some decorative products? The colours of these nail polishes are 153 Sweet or nude and 144 Black is back by Essence. They were also very cheap, around 8 EUR for both and I got them in the store called Müller.

The long stuffed dog is what my mum bought me in a local supermarket for around 6 EUR. It is the one you place under your window so the cold air doesn't come through, but instead I keep it on my bed so I can cuddle with it ~ it is very soft.

The last thing I randomly got is this weird slushy bottle. How I got this was, I was at the movies with my friends and I discovered that they sell slushies. Since I always wanted to try one, I was thrilled when I found out just how cheap they are ~ around 2 EUR. I got the blue one because it is my favourite colour. I very much felt like a child on a Christmas morning getting their first bike when it was served to me in this bottle I got to keep.

The end.

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