Glasses = Fashion Statement

Just a year ago I joined the Glasses Club. You know, the modern age... a lot of reading off the computer screen and I can't see far anymore. I never had a bad opinion on dioptric glasses, rather thought of them as an accessory. There are so many choices, so many styles so just find the one you like and own them.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people sporting ‘the nerd look‘. I support it, I like it. In fact I, myself, own such nerd glasses. Hipster, actually. I have to say, one of the big advantages of these type of glasses is their size. Say you are driving, these are much more convenient than the small ones you look over because of their small size.

The popular/trendy glasses. I'm talking about those really big ones that cover half of your face. In my opinion I have a smaller head so big glasses are a no go for me ~ don't feel like walking around the town looking like a fly. I admit, some girls can rock them but sometimes big can be too big.

Glasses as an accessory to add the mystery. If you're going for this look, glasses are the one accessory to help you with that. They say eyes are like doors to your soul and if you keep them hidden, people will have harder time trying to read you.

See glasses aren‘t used just to improve our eye sight or just to protect our eyes from the sun. They earned a big part in fashion also as an accessory. Think about how long does it take for you to choose from all those racks filled with glasses. It‘s easier to decide what to have for lunch! After all we try to match our accessories with our personalities.

Thank you for reading! Exuse the bad quality but these are the glasses I love and feel great wearing ~ plus they let me see better.
Enjoy your lovely day!