Fun weekend in Ljubljana

Hy there! I thought I would update you of everything that happened last weekend when my dear friend Honey came to visit me in this cute little town I'm currently living in. You can also take a look at her blogs. Since we both are huge lovers of everything old and architecture and nature, our days consisted of walking by the river, visiting the beautiful park Tivoli and my favourite, the castle...or fortress. Whatever it is google Ljubljanski grad.

                                                           (Here‘s me feeling excited!)

While we were sitting on a random bench somewhere downtown, trying to think of what could we have for lunch, out of nowhere ~ a CALVIN KLEIN-MODEL looking guy came up to us asking for a lighter. Unfortunately, we couldn't help him since non of us smoke so then he walked away to his puppy and hugged it ~ #awwww. I briefly remember staring at him thinking holy s*#t! You know how some people make smoking 10x more attractive? Well this guy takes it to a whole new level, I kid you not! This is why I need to get a lighter  and carry it around. If nothing, it can be a good conversation starter ~ wink,wink.

    (Exuse my face)

I can honestly say, I have never had so much fun. I love discovering new places and small bits no one else cares about so my heart was filled with bliss. I felt like a spy and I loved it. I also know my partner in crime enjoyed it as much as I did ~ yes I do read your posts, you little Earth living creature. Hopefully we will have lots and lots more adventures like this in the future because we both love travelling and if I may say, the future is pretty promising.