Home for the holiday

Helloo to all my dearest readers! I wanted to take a look at these past few days of my, so called, vacation. Since it was May 1st, or rather known as International Workers Day, I took a few days off to spend with my family. And what was supposed to be a 5 day break turned into 6 days, which then turned into 7 days and today is the last day I get to be lazy. I would say I'm completely ready to get back to work and be productive...but honestly...that would be one big fat lie.

I'm not sure how all of you celebrate this holiday, but I'll tell you a little about what we do. In my hometown it is tradition to go to this park where they give out bean soup, or stew, to people. I love this tradition because the food is really good. Of course, the day couldn't go without some candy floss and tons of ice cream too.

The mayor also gives out flowers every year which I sadly didn't get. I have seen the president, though. That was kind of interesting. What was scary was the big, too dark cloud that was right above the park...and strangely there was terrible thunder but with no rain. All and all, it was a good day. We have gotten wet later on cause of rain, but it was fun.
The whole weekend was absolutely fantastic, I had a splendid time if I may say so! Lots of food, even more sleeping and quite a few new clothing items.

Hopefully all of you had a lovely weekend as well. This is all from me for now. Stay well!

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