Struggles of wearing clothes in the summer

Hello everyone! As I'm all happy, nice smelling after shower now I thought what a nice opportunity to sit down and write a thing or two. I kind of want to talk about my fashion style. This has already been discussed but I did discover some new stuff. So let's talk!

Something tells me my style hasn't developed completely yet. To be honest I find it quite annoying, mainly because it requires different pieces of clothes for different style that changes with my mood...meaning buying more clothes...clothes costs...I annoyingly pay for those clothes...I'm frustrated for the rest of the day with the lack of papers in my wallet.

Well, it is summer now, well almost, and there has been a DRASTIC change in the temperature. Honestly two weeks ago everything was fine, then there's a weekend, all good...spending time laying around not bothering to go anywhere. Then BAM! Monday came and I swear I was like a turkey out of the oven! The sun is suddenly burning so hard that it actually hurts. And even worse, there is really no summer clothes in my closet. Somehow I never think of those extreme hot days when shopping and now I'm doomed!

So I've been doing some googling recently just to kind of get the idea of what summer pieces I like and how to put them together without having to pretend I don't have insecurities or be overheated. And since Coachella happened, I've been loving this rockish-indie-going to a festival kind of look. Basically band T-shirts, tops, skinny jeans, some light ankle boots with a hat on top. I absolutely love hats, they are so important to not overheat my head because I do tend to pass out so fedoras all the way!

Because I absolutely can't stand jeans in the summer, especially when I have to literally peel them off of me at the end of the day I did come up with an alternative. Lets say some thicker thighs with a loose longer top, ankle boots and of course a hat. That would be pretty ok version for someone not ready to show skin, right? I would also try and wear a cardigan or something long sleeved just because I tan really easily. In a matter of hours I can get 5 shades darker and then it's hard to even it out later when I'm on holiday. So I kind of look like a penguin.

To many people, I know I sound ridiculous right now. Who wears anything long in the summer?? But who doesn't have struggles. I would love to know what is your go to look on a hot summer day, so if you're up for it, leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading! Byyyy

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