Vacationing in Pasman, Croatia

Greetings to you all! Hope you're all doing well. Sure there's no overheating..passing out..all that typical summer things. It has been quite hot to be honest so I'm really loving this rainy week of crazy storms and beautiful clouds. Feels like my brain is finally working again!

The vacation season is obviously in full swing. Some of you may or may not have been able to travel, or at least go to a pool. If not, I apologise for this torture post filled with nice-view pictures.

Luckily I got two weeks off from my studies. The heat is unbearable at this time of the year and I can't wait to get my diploma. I mean, who even is able to think during this heat?! The last two weeks have been busy, busy. I got an okay result on my exam, happily came back home, filled my tummy with a lot of home cooked food, went to see my friend ~ who I'm jealous off because she has an apartment approximately 70 m from the beach ~ in Pašman, Croatia where we had a week of blast. Sea, food, ice cream and crime shows! Can't ask for a better getaway.

I also came to realisation of the reason why I am so bored every summer. It's just that possibly every friend of mine has a house or an apartment in the walking distance to the beach while I'm stuck 150 km or something in the grey, asphalt covered town, alone and dyeing of boredom. And as an adult there is only so much time you can manage to be with your family. I love them to death, but sometimes it's just too much to take.

I am just happy there are some good souls ready to have me as their guest. I'm so so grateful to have them as my friends since friends and my name together in one sentence doesn't work ~ socially awkward human here what else to say. I loved every minute spent there mostly eating and avoiding having pictures of me taken. Sorry human friend! You were very nice to me and fed me good! =P


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    1. Thank you so much. =)
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