Mini series: A day to look fabulous

Cold days are coming but is it a must to not wear anything short? I say not.
Personally, I love high waisted skirts such as this one and I believe I will soon purchase it also. Wearing leggings underneath or densely knitted tights should hopefully be a way to stop the frostbite. The dress shirt makes this outfit more sophisticated but still interesting enough with the bow for us young people not wanting to look boring. I went with mostly plain basic colours adding burgundy since it is Autumn and that one suits the weather perfectly. Plus, if you love wearing dark lipstick it will be a perfect match.
The coat is a light pastel colour and it's quite baggy so you can feel cosy and comfortable. What I like about it is that it reminds me of older times where women have worn clothes similar to men's. It may not be the first match to the colour of the skirt but I wanted the contrast that's not so typical. I also added flat black boots since I'm completely useless in heels, as I'm sure many of you are. These are also more comfortable if you're out all day walking.
There are not many accessories except for the scarf matching the skirt and being a fighter against the cold, and this bag that is coming back. I absolutely love this type of bag since the weight is spread on both of the shoulders so you shouldn't end up walking like one of your legs is shorter.

The complete outfit really reminds me of all the times you want to snuggle by the fireplace at night. It might not be the perfect idea to wear if it's really cold but it does look amazing. All these clothes I've found on Polyvore.com and are available to buy. Also they're not that expensive which is what we all look for.

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