Mini series: A day to look fabulous

As per request, it is time to shine in a elegant attire.
Having problems with this kind of look myself, let me tell you now. If you are in your twenties it is okay to wear this type of outfit. I personally struggle with being and behaving more mature and looking older not because I do not wish to grow up, but because I do not feel like myself in, let's call it, 'grown up clothes.' I do sometimes wish to look elegant and sophisticated, yet young and interesting, and I think this outfit shows what I would end up with.

The jumpsuit is entirely black but it does show off a great hour glass figure.You can see that it is tightened around the waist and it has small ruffles which gives a sensation of it being more casual. Also, since we are young, it is completely fine to show of a bit of a cleavage. It adds a bit of a funk to it.

One thing you would want here is to have attention on your legs. This is a perfect opportunity to visually prolong them. You can do that by wearing similar colour shoes with the colour of your trousers. In this case they are black and have somewhat of a pointed toes ~ also to prolong the legs. A bit of a golden detail breaks the boring black theme that is too dark for us young ladies.

Accessorising is minimalistic. I find it enough to have a nice clutch, preferably a bit larger one that matches the shoes. It goes with the look and also is not entirely black but still not too distracting.

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